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Posted on January 31, 2017

Valentine’s Day: you either love it or you hate it. Sadly this usually depends on the status of your relationship, and these days who knows what that means.

It used to be you were either single, or in a relationship, but now there are so many ways to DTR (define the relationship) that I don’t know what’s what anymore.

You have: talking, dating, FWB, “we met on tinder” (which has at least 6 subcategories), exclusive, single, in a relationship, open relationship, the list could go on for days. Sidebar: do married people celebrate Valentine’s Day? Because, you’re already committed to one another so...

Thankfully, for those of us that are confused, meaning everyone that can’t claim joint taxes with their S.O.,  restaurants have recognized the many levels of dating and have luckily catered to each!

Summer House - Lincoln Park

(Photo: Andrea Donadio)

Now let’s say that you have actually managed to sift through all the levels of dating and have a relationship; go you! Summer House in Lincoln Park is a classy and elegant place for so called “New American”. Also, there is a bunch of shops around there if you want to spoil your bae or just forgot to get them a present and need a last minute gift. Their wine selection is to die for and pairs perfectly with the tuna tacos, so if you’re looking for a trendy restaurant in Lincoln Park that lives up to the hype, this place is for you.

Buffalo Wild Wings - Lincoln Park

A step up from single, and my favorite date place (plz don’t judge), is Buffalo Wild Wings. Bdubs in Lincoln Park is the perfect date spot for all of the ~grey area~ categories because if your date is a huge bust there are a million TVs to watch and ignore them by. Also, you can secretly judge your date by what they order off the menu: if it’s anything but wings, run. And, there is a full bar which allows your flirtatious juices to flow. Lastly, it’s affordable so you aren’t selling a kidney for your tinder date.

Earl’s Kitchen - Lincoln Park

Tuna Tostadas by Heather Schroering

Remember 30 seconds ago when you were judging me because Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite date place, and now you think I’m a genius? Me too. Now if you’re going for something a little more serious, Earl’s Kitchen in Lincoln Park is the place to be.

The venue itself is something to write home about. They have a range of seating areas depending on how romantic, or not, you want the night to go. And the menu, literally, has something for everyone. I started off my night there with sushi and a tiki drink, and ended with a burger and some truffle fries. Thank yeezus I wore a flowy dress.

The service was impeccable: the manager stopped by our table twice and even let me have tour of the kitchen. Bonus: if you have a food conscious date, all of Earl’s meat is free range, grass fed, and locally grown!

Hooter’s - Gold Coast

For those single ladies *que Beyonce music* Hooters in Gold Coast is offering a special where you rip up a picture of your ex and get free wings! And let’s be honest, no one would take an actual Valentine’s date to Hooters because, well it’s Hooters. In fact, you should probably just get the wings delivered.

Le Colonial - Gold Coast

Credit: Asian Fusion Girl

Last, but certainly not least, if you are in l♥ve and want to someday claim joint taxes with this person: Le Colonial in downtown Chi-town is magnificent. The food is a combination of French and Vietnamese cuisine, which basically means everything is cooked in a pound of butter and tastes amazing.

I ordered the easiest thing to pronounce on the menu, the Bo State. The filet mignon, yams, and string beans practically melt in your mouth. They also have a private dining option but I didn’t get to explore this because #StudentLoans.

No matter if your FBO or just ended things with Mr. Wrong, Chicago has accommodated to the millennial dating game.

P.S.- If you’re staying in on Valentine's Day, you can order food delivery from all of these restaurants and enjoy it all for yourself. Just make sure you’re getting the best price on that delivery by using ;)

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