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Posted in Beer, Alcohol Delivery, Lists by Anthony

Winter is slowly approaching👎. It is time to max out the amount of outdoor activities filled with beer and food. AKA, BBQ. Mother Nature loves playing with our hearts so let's play with our own and get some BBQing in before winter fully arrives. Below, you will find nine beers that we believe pair well with both the fall and with BBQ. Enjoy!

1. Moody Tongue Sliced Nectarine IPA

Probably one of my top 10 beers to have in the fridge (when I can find it) or on tap (found it once). Moody Tongue is a craft brewery based in Chicago with the emphasis on creating beers that can be paired well with the amazing food scene in Chicago. They recommend to the restaurants the distribute to what dishes to pair with each beer! So we reached out to them, and they confirmed the Nectarine IPA is your best bet. Just make sure to be careful in the pour. Can get foamy with how super hoppy it is.

@GoFoodBoss the hint of stone fruit in our Sliced Nectarine IPA goes really well with BBQ. Enjoy!

— Moody Tongue Brewery (@MoodyTongue) September 30, 2016

2. Burnt City Face Melter Hibiscus IPA

Recommended by FoodBoss member Mark, the iOS developer and model. I will be trying it this weekend, so if it does not pass, I will get you guys another recommendation. However, the Citra hops used in the IPA should be sufficient to help cut through some of the "heavier" lifting your stomach has to do while you chow down on some burnt ends and baked beans.

3. 5 Rabbit Vida Y Muerte "Muerzen"

Darker then summer lagers, but not too dark; the Vida Y Muerte is a perfect transitional beer into winter. With its warm caramel and spices notes, you should find a perfect pairing with brisket or any BBQ honestly.

4. Lagunitas Sucks

Lagunitas loves to make fun of themselves and their weird vibes (Surprising they aren't from Santa Cruz). To me, Lagunitas still falls under the craft category as they have kept their taste for each beer true. The Sucks is their answer to the ever popular Brown Shugga that won over beer drinkers like me. If you are BBQ-ing any pork, this should be a staple in your cooler or fridge.

5. Two Brothers Cane And Ebel

I thought about using the Atom Smasher from Two Brothers, but you can never put Cane and Ebel in a corner. This Red Rye Ale was ranked as one of the seven best beers in America and is another great addition to any BBQ you cook, especially if it has a nice sweet rub or sauce on it.

6. Half Acre Plura or Slacker or Daisy Cutter

We are counting craft breweries (just go with it) and that is why I have provided you with three from a favorite local of mine. Try these paired with some BBQ from our personal favorite BBQ spot Bub City and you won't be dissapointed.

7. Revolution Brewery JuKebox Hero or A Little Crazy

If you haven't seen the pattern yet, beers with Citra hops can have the right balance for BBQ. JuKebox is a great example, as the black IPA's chocolate malt flavor helps to enhance the deeper taste that your BBW carries. Keeping with the Citra and more than one beer from a brewery going, A Little Crazy is the Belgian Pale Ale that keeps giving at least in Chicago. The caramel flavor that dominates this brew is a solid addition to any Kansas City style BBQ like Smoque BBQ.

8. Metropolitan Flywheel

Pilsner? Yes. Maybe it goes back to the fact that was all my father and grandfather drank whenever we had a BBQ. I feel that sometimes you need a light beer in the fall to help you stuff your face with one last memory of summer BBQ before the Chicago winter slaps you right on in the face to say "Hello" in a German accent.

9. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

I do not care if Weihenstephaner is not technically a craft brewery and weiss beers are not the best with BBQ. It is my favorite beer period. And since you can only buy it at Binny's and snooty Whole Foods, I am going to include it. Been drinking this bad boy since moving to Chicago and posting up at The Globe Pub every Saturday or Sunday to watch my team, **Arsenal**. It might only have a 5.4% ABV, but you will drink enough with your BBQ that you will sleep like a baby.

Get some BBQ in!


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