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Posted on January 9, 2019

When you say L.A., the first thing people think about usually isn’t college. They think of the glamor, the weather, the beach. However, there are totally some great universities in the City of Angels, which is great because they not only get a great education, but they get to enjoy all the perks of this amazing city. You’ll probably work up quite an appetite at the beach between classes, so make sure to order some grub from these awesome spots that will deliver to either the beach or class.

A great spot to order food from in Los Angeles is Olio Wood Fired Pizza. Olio Wood Fired Pizza has some specialty pizzas that are gourmet, and which you should definitely check out.

One of the top specialty pizzas that Olio Wood Fired Pizza offers is the Spicy Sausage and Peppers Pizza. It’s got slow roasted garlic-caramelized onion sauce, truffled cheese, spicy pork sausage, smoke-roasted marinated hot peppers, and jalapenos; and it comes without marinara sauce. It’s got just the right amount of kick that’s enjoyable but still challenges you.

If you want to order two pizzas because you’re extra hungry, a nice option is the Olio Hawaiian pizza. It’s a classic Olio pizza that comes with tomato sauce, their 3 cheese blend, fire roasted pineapple, and speck (smoked prosciutto).

Moving on, let’s check out Meatzilla and their delivery options. A great choice from this place is the Eastern Burger. It’s got 100% Angus chuck, Monterrey jack, applewood bacon, onion rings, roasted tomato, and Meatzilla sauce. It truly epitomizes the meatiness and deliciousness of this fantastic restaurant.

If you’re not feeling the beef, try the Bird and Boujee. They’re nuggets extraordinaire; they’re made with a honey garlic glaze with sesame, cilantro, pickled red onion, and chili.

The final restaurant we’ll be discussing is Spring Street Smokehouse. Spring Street Smokehouse is a classic, All-American barbecue joint that offers one of best Sloppy Joe’s around. It’s their Smoked Sloppy Joe Sandwich, and it consists of smoked ground beef, vinegar sloppy joe sauce, horseradish mayo, sweet relish, and onion straws.

If you’re a student who really wants a legit barbecue meal, get the brisket. It’s smoked to perfection and comes with your choice of sauce! Want the full experience? Get it with potato salad and cornbread.

Spring Street Smokehouse has some great selections if you’re hosting a party, too. They’ve got an item called the Kitchen Sink, which comes with all the meats, and is served with pickles, onions, and your choice of four 12-ounce sides. It’s enough to serve 4-6 people, so everyone will be full if you order one or two of these.

Living in Los Angeles is pretty sweet, and going to college here is even sweeter. Don’t neglect the food portion of your college experience, and make sure to check out these awesome places! To ensure the cheapest options possible, make sure to order from here using FoodBoss, and save some money for beer or a plane ticket home for the long weekend.

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