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Posted on March 26, 2017

They since have opened up 5 locations (Harms, Lake, Lake Zurich, Palo’s Park, and Printers Row) in Chicago since 1939. Along with serving a killer burger, they are also known for their French Fried Onion appetizer, which was conjured in 1957 up by Carmen Klaen as a last minute emergency appetizer! It was a late Friday night when the Harms Road location ran out of perch to serve. In order to keep the customers occupied while more perch was retrieved at another Hackneys location, Carmen concocted the french fried onion and it instantly became a favorite. The Restaurant Management Magazine has named it as having one of the Top Three Onion Rings in the USA in 2008. And if you’re not impressed yet, they’ve also been featured on Guy Fierri’s show Diner, Drive Inns and Dives! Rest assured, you’ll leave the place happy and looking for the nearest couch to lay down.

I was finishing shopping at Old Orchard when my stomach started rumbling. I didn’t feel like eating at the mall’s food court so I decided to look up American restaurants near me (on FoodBoss of course). Hackneys was one of the first results that popped up. After doing some quick research, I found out that they were a Chicago award-winning restaurant. I had to check it out! So I headed north to Hackneys on Harms in Glenview to visit this long lasting establishment. Their menu has a large variety of burgers and sandwiches to choose from along with ribs, steak, seafood and salads if you are not in the mood for a burger.  

They also have a few vegetarian options so you do not miss out on the Hackney’s experience. It did not take me long to decide what I wanted. I ordered the signature Famous Hackneyburger and the Original French Fries. It was a no brainer! Before I tell you the juicy details of my meal, I’ll tell you a bit more about the restaurant décor. At first glance it looks like large old time tavern. It’s very laid back and reminded me somewhere my grandparents would go when they were “my age” (which is not a bad thing!). There are a lot of tables and booths to make yourself at home at along with a sit in bar. There is also a large patio area if you want to catch some sun and get some fresh air.

So onto the juicy details you have been waiting for. When the burger was placed in front of me, I was taken aback because I was expecting to see a beef patty in between two white buns. This looked more like a sandwich; making this stand out from any burger I have any eaten. The juicy half-pound beef patty was sandwiched between two home baked dark rye bread slices, and it was divine!

I felt I like I could taste the history and work that it took to perfect it, and I came to understand why people would make their way to the Hackney’s back porch. The French Fried Onion was unlike the classic onion rings. I can only describe it as an onion loaf of crispy goodness. The batter is perfectly layered onto each onion strip, and it melts in your mouth! I understood why it was award worthy! I got a bit creative and threw some of the onions on the burger for good measure.

Unlike many burger places that try to reinvent the burger by using unique ingredients, Hackney’s keeps it simple and reminds their customers that you do not need fancy ingredients to make a delicious burger. So stop by Hackneys to take a bit into some of Chicago culinary history.

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