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Posted on March 26, 2017

So it’s no secret that there are a ton of different Thai places in Chicago, and because I LOVE Thai Curry, I have recently been on a quest to find some of the best Thai restaurants near me. One of my recent finds was this great place called Star of Siam.

Recommended by a fellow foodie friend Angel, it’s located in the River North area (EASILY one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago when it comes to food) and just steps away from the FABulous Glazed and Infused. I’m a huge proponent for going into restaurants to have the full dine-in experience, and Star of Siam definitely did not disappoint.

Although a little unassuming on the outside, the inside is very cozy with an exposed red brick wall, exposed pipes, and even has an elevated seating area in the middle where guests can eat at the table while sitting on comfy floor mats as opposed to more traditional seating. I thought this was SO cool because it was the first Asian restaurant in Chicago I had been to that had a more traditional Asian type of seating style, and it definitely made me and Angel even more excited to eat.

We first got an order of the crab rangoons (a classic!), and while I have yet to meet a crab rangoon I didn’t like, these did not disappoint. However, we promised ourselves that next time we eat there we’d order the Goong Hor, which are deep fried shrimp wrapped in rice paper served with “[their] distinctive sauce.”

Because I love spicy food, I ordered the Chicken Pad Ped, a red hot curry chicken dish (though you can also order it with beef or shrimp for extra if you’re not feeling the chicken). It’s one of the “Star’s Recommendations,” and after trying it, I can understand why. The curry was a really great consistency--not too thick, not too watery--and was exactly what I was craving after walking outside in the cold, windy weather.

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Angel, not really one for food that’s super spicy, got the Kang Karee Kai, a more mild yellow curry. Even though it was still a little too spicy for her (it was hilarious watching her aggressively drink water and sniffle from a ~mild~ curry), she managed to finish it all and really loved it. We originally were planning on ordering some Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango (literally one of my favorite Asian desserts), but we were just way too full from the Crab Rangoons and Curry dishes.

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BUT, sometimes you can’t actually make it out to the restaurant itself because the Chicago weather is just a little too much, and going out to find food is a big !!no!!, but fear not, because they also deliver (and do takeout)!

What’s even better is that their delivery hours extend from 11 am to 9:50 pm (their normal hours extend to 10 pm), so even when it’s getting a little later you can still order with the assurance that the kitchen will still be open (because how heartbreaking is it to place an order only to get a call from the restaurant saying the kitchen is closed?! Why is the restaurant open if the kitchen isn’t?! Gah.). And even if it’s not that late, it’s nice to know that if I’m working downtown I’ll have Star of Siam as an option for delivery near me.

I would definitely recommend Star of Siam if you’re in the area (or honestly even if you’re not in the area but are willing to make the trip for some great Thai food) or if you want to find a great Thai delivery place near you, and it’s a great, low-key spot for a quick lunch or a cozy, casual dinner.

They have a lot of really good options (I took forever to decide what to get, sigh) with everything from classic Pad Thai to a ton of different types of curries and noodle dishes, and also a pretty decent selection of appetizers, beverages, and desserts. And so I have successfully knocked off another Chicago Thai place off my endless list, and it’s one I will make sure to return to.

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