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Posted on April 17, 2019

We all know that artificial  sweeteners are bad news, and we also know that too much sugar in sodas and sports drinks is an issue, too. Yet, we crave sweetness on a daily basis. Even if you don’t have a massive sweet tooth, if you’re a normal person, there are times where the desire to taste something that will light up the taste buds on the tip of your tongue is too powerful to resist. But you’re conflicted--you want to maintain the healthy lifestyle that you’ve striven for.

No worries; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to discuss some places that will give you all natural drinks that will satisfy your taste buds and keep you healthy!

The first location we have for you hails from New York, New York, and it’s called Red Mango. Red Mango is famous for its delicious food options, but it’s even more famous for its incomparable juice bar.

Red Mango will hook it up for you. They have awesome juice plans that you can buy that give enough juice for a day that will cleanse your toxins. However, if you’re looking for a sweet pick-me-up beverage, they do that, too, with just as much quality as their plans.

When you need to sate your sweet tooth when ordering from Red Mango, a great selection is the Sweet Green Zing Fresh Juice. It’s packed with healthy ingredients that gives this juice its sweetness. It’s composed of Apple, kale, lemon, spinach, cucumber, celery and ginger. You’ll fulfill your cravings while feeling guilt free with this tasty beverage.

Another selection at Red Mango that is frozen (which is great if you need to cool off) is the Citrus Mango Greens Smoothie. It has mango, spinach, banana, pure via, and orange juice. It’s packed with alternatives to sweeteners and sugars that are natural and good for you!

The next city we have for you that is known for having delicious juices that are good for you is San Francisco. And in this city, is the phenomenal Project Juice. Project Juice is an acclaimed health-food restaurant that has a ton of sweet, delicious liquids that will heal you.

A prime example of one of these aforementioned liquids is the D-Tox Juice, which is comprised of pineapple, green apple, young coconut water, mint, and chlorophyll. It’s the perfect beverage to satisfy your sweet tooth and your conscience.

Another great alternative to sugars and sweeteners from Project Juice is the Mint Chip Shake. It has raw almonds, banana, dates, spinach, mint, cacao nibs, vanilla, sea salt. It’ll cool you right off, and give the boost of sweetness you’ve desperately needed.

As you can see, you don’t have to sacrifice sweetness for a healthy, cardboard taste. These juice bars will give you a healthy boost while appealing to your flavor needs. You’ll actually be surprised at how good these juices are for how healthy they are!

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