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Posted on December 10, 2017

AOA Bar and Grill

New York, NY 10013

Photo of AOA Bar & Grill - New York, NY, United States. $1 oysters

Photo: Yelp

AOA Bar and Grill has everything! They even have a pizza making class that you can take and get a few beers at! Still not convinced? They have crazy affordable oysters for just a dollar each! Make sure to wash everything down with one of their numerous beer options. Also, use a Chicago-based delivery service to get some quick and efficient service!

Lilly O’Brien’s

New York, NY 10007

Photo of Lilly O'Brien's - New York, NY, United States

Photo: Yelp

Lilly O’Briens is a stellar option for brunch downtown! You’ve gotta get the steak and eggs! It comes with soft, heavenly eggs cooked to order, a thick, juicy steak, dank home fries, and toast! You’ll be full until dinner tomorrow! They even have a bottomless booze option!

Mastro’s Steakhouse

New York, NY 10019

Photo of Mastro's Steakhouse - New York, NY, United States. Butter cake, key lime, and cheesecake

Photo: Yelp

If you’re looking for a classy option of bar food, Mastro’s is the place! Every dish is delicious here, but we highly recommend the steak. It’s succulent, juicy, meaty, seasoned, and cooked in its own juices until it’s absolutely perfect. The side soup and potatoes are dank, too! Add the awesome decor and music to this, and you have a phenomenal place!

Atomic Wings

New York, NY 10009

Photo of Atomic Wings - New York, NY, United States. Burger

Photo: Yelp

Atomic wings as a massive assortment of delicious sauces like honey barbecue, teriyaki, and classic buffalo. Things wings are huge and doused in sauce, but they’re never soggy. Not feeling wings? No worries! They have other tasty options like creamy mac and cheese and crispy, sweet chicken and waffles!

Paul’s Da Burger Joint

New York, NY 10003

Photo of Paul's Da Burger Joint - New York, NY, United States. Medium rare. Cheese. Grilled onions. Cajun fries. Horseradish mayo and pickles (both on the side).

Photo: Yelp

Paul’s Da Burger Joint has been described as having one of the best burgers ever. Still not enough to convince you? Try their Saint Marks Deluxe Burger that’s smothered with cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onions, and on the top of homemade fries. Also, make sure to use a Chicago-based delivery service to enjoy the burgers right at your front door.

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