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Posted on October 17, 2019

Ridesharing, ridehailing, carpooling, carsharing, whichever way you want to slice it, has changed every aspect of people’s lives. From where you live (it no longer has to be near a bus stop or train station for commuters), to your social life, love life, and every part of life. Some people have even met their future wife / husband in a rideshare. Mobility has become easier and with that, you can do more, achieve more, be more efficient. Sounds great right? 

But it didn’t take long for literally hundreds of companies to realize the size of this new market segment. It may have started with just one company like Uber, but globally there are close to a 1,000 rideshare companies now in existence. Plus you have hundreds of scooter and bikeshares to add to the mix. Again this is great for the consumer in theory - more choice, more competition, more cars and bikes but many of these companies have grown in their own silos and walled gardens. They don’t talk to one another, in fact most don’t even like one another! 

The end result for consumers is we are faced with a barrage of companies all with their own app, all with their own features and it becomes impossible for the consumer to win. We don’t know what the best option is, the best price and with new companies launching all the time, quite often we don’t know they even exist. 

That’s why we launched Bellhop. For almost 10 years now, since ridesharing began, the simple fact is we have all been overpaying for our rides. And rideshare companies have continued to build their own ecosystems trying to get consumers just to use their app for all rides, all bikes etc. But that would be like always going to one airline and assuming they are the cheapest. Or always going to one car rental place and not even looking at others. It simply doesn’t make sense. 

Bellhop was built with the simple mission of adding transparency to rideshare market. We’re not competing with any rideshare provider, we are merely a platform that helps the consumer make a choice and compare. Bellhop has over 40 carshare and bikeshare providers around the world on its platform (with millions of combined drivers). Whether you are in New York, Chicago or just landed in Paris or London, Bellhop will show you the local ride options, the cheapest ride option, the quickest ride option. All for free. 

It’s a very simple concept - think of us like Kayak for example. We’re just a facilitator to help you get the best ride and not overpay. A ride to the airport can often vary by 15-25% if you don’t compare price options for example and we’ve saved our users over $250,000 in just a few months. 

Bellhop also enables users to access local providers that might not otherwise have a high enough profile to be known even though they are cheaper. And quite often these are driven by exactly the same drivers, exactly the same cars, that are being used by more well known companies. 

The Bellhop app has been designed to be intuitive and very easy to use. Simply enter your pick up and destination as you would any rideshare app and Bellhop shows you dozens of options - from shared, regular, luxury to pet friendly, child seat and many other available options. Once you select your ride, you are directed to the underlying app to complete the journey as you normally would, only with the knowledge you have the best ride for you. 

Bellhop has won multiple awards, been selected as a must have travel app and averages over four stars. It’s completely free to use as well. You don’t pay a cent more than you would using any of the rideshare providers directly. So why not give us a try! 

You can download Bellhop free for both in the App stores for iOS and Android. Or you can visit our website at We’re always looking for new partners and ideas so feel free to contact us at

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