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Posted on September 20, 2017

If you are a lover of asian food and right now you are in Atlanta, or on your way to Atlanta, then you must visit these 5 culinary hot-spots, each with their own variety of delicious cultural culinary delights!

“NaanStop“ fast fresh INDIAN

Atlanta, GA 30303    

Photo of NaanStop - Atlanta, GA, United States. Chicken Tikka Masala Rice Bowl       

Photo: Yelp                               

The menu for this place has a sort of ‘build-your-meal’ kind of bit, similar to Panda Express or MOD Pizza or Subway. For the first step, you can choose between fresh Indian bread (usally referred to as naan bread,) white or brown rice, or salad. On step 2, you can choose some good protein like the most popular option, Chicken tikka masala that comes in a delightful zesty tomato sauce, or if you’re vegetarian pick the paneer cheese in tikka masala sauce or garbanzo beans in fragrant tomato-spice puree. Step three will have you picking an accompanying condiment, with plenty of unique options to choose from like coconut mint, indian chutney, and even a chili-cilantro. And last but not least, choose your side dish. You can add a delicious samosa (stuffed indian pastry) some loaded masala fries, or a fresh-baked Naan bread.


Atlanta, GA 30308

Photo of Botiwalla - Atlanta, GA, United States. Chicken Tikka Salad

              Photo: Yelp

Lovers of Indian food are going to want to make time to pop into this place. Botiwalla’s lamb burgers is something that you must try, if you enjoy the mild, soft flavor of lamb. Combined with chilies, ginger, mint and ketchup, it gives you the perfect taste. Slow-cooked lamb has a soft taste and a stand-alone, pleasant smell; a perfect option for lunch. If you’re not into lamb, look for the paneer tikka roll, an indian cheese with yogurt and kashmir chili paste. Also you can look at some kabab, like the lamb boti kabab roll (lamb marinated in black pepper, comes with curry leaf, and so on. There are a lot of drinks on the menu, like Mango Lasi (a chilled yogurt drink with mango and cardamom), and the standard Coke, Diet Coke, and more. All that and much more in one place!

Yalla- Best HUMMUS menu

Atlanta, GA 30307

Photo of Yalla - Atlanta, GA, United States. Shawarma bowls.

                      Photo: Yelp

Yalla is an amazing restaurant that specializes in hummus. If you’re into eating great-tasting healthy food and haven’t tried hummus yet, you’ve got to. You can get a delicious hummus salatim, which includes seasonal vegetables drizzled in olive oill. The hummus might be the main thing, but there’s much more on the menu. Trysome falafel (a mashed combination of chickpea fritters, labne, sumac radish and tahini.) You can also try one of their bigger standout dishes, "THE SHOUK," which has shawarma, fries, hummus, baba ganoush, Israeli pickles, cole slaw, harissa, tahini, and amba. All of this and much more! Their menu is pretty large, so take a look at their website to get a handle on what you’d like beforehand.

So Ba Vietnamese restaurant

Atlanta, GA 30316                                             

Photo of So Ba - Atlanta, GA, United States. Grilled Shrimp over rice

                          Photo: Yelp

This restaurant is located in East Atlanta Village. They’ve specialized their menu on Pho, Com and Dun dishes and all kind of rolls like spring rolls and egg rolls. We recommend that you try Vietnamese Noodle Soup, which comes in small, middle, and large portions. You can have a winning combination of eye of round steak, a well-done brisket, flank steak or if you’re feeling seafood tight now, the shrimp. Each combination guarantees an unforgettable taste. Additionally, you can try some Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli,where you can savor the taste of a crispy eggroll, some grilled chicken, and so on. Come and get your pho on at So Ba!


Atlanta, GA 30305        

Photo of Doraku Sushi Buckhead - Atlanta, GA, United States. Everything was great!

                      Photo: Yelp

Doraku is a traditional Asian restaurant where you can find a more expansive menu with more items on it. There’s the universally-loved sushi, and then some other hot or cold dishes like the dessert, and cool, refreshing cocktails. The sushi option that we recommend to you is the combination of sushi and sashimi. You can snag the sashimi deluxe with 12 pieces (including snapper, octopus, tuna and salmon). Doraku also makes some other specialty rolls available, like Emperor Rolls, a combination of fresh tuna, crab and shrimp. It’s served with apicy aioli and eel sauce. This is just one of many examples of a choice-rich menu. You can browse their website and find their entire menu listed there. If you’re a sushi fan, Doraku is a winner.

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