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Posted on May 10, 2017

This past weekend when I was visiting Denver with a few friends, we were planning to cook an extravagant meal in our airbnb’s kitchen. We were about to drive to a grocery store to shop for meaty burgers and greasy yet classy sweet potato fries when all went wrong. One friend lost the key to the house and another decided to put on the next episode of The Sopranos that we have been watching and it was all over. Before we knew it, we were too lazy to cook for ourselves, so we decided to order in from a pizza place. Blackjack Pizza Denver was our place.

Photo: Dale Roberts

Blackjack Pizza Delivery was so easy because it was all online and the Blackjack Pizza menu had endless options. We splurged on our first order, getting 2 larges, cheesy bread, and cinnamon sticks for the 6 of us. We are growing boys, you know. I can still say that right? Anyway, Blackjack is the perfect place to order for a large group. There were so many options and ways to customize your own pizza.


We decided to just order from the specialty pizza list. The first pizza we decided to split one side Pepperoni Passion. The Pepperoni Passion looked absolutely mouth-watering on the BlackJack Pizza delivery menu with pepperoni for days. Our close second, Full House Pizza, was another carnivorous meal with pepperoni, italian sausage, ham, beef, and extra mozzarella.

The Pepperoni Passion when delivered, on the other hand, was not as expected. It looked like a regular pepperoni pizza with a few more sprinkles of pepperonis.  The pizza was still delicious, and I highly prefer the hand-tossed round pizza to Chicago Deep-Dish. There I said it deep-dish is not worth the hype, but it’s probably just because I am originally from California and grew up with hand-tossed.


Next on our big meal off of the Blackjack Pizza menu was a hawaiian square pan pizza. Whoever doesn’t like sweet pineapple on their savory pizza, please never talk to me because it is the BEST type of pizza. You can never go wrong with Hawaiian and BlackJack Pizza did not disappoint. The pan crust was crispy yet fluffy.  I did feel in a weird way that I was cheating on Tony from the Sopranos with Moana for not choosing a more classic Italian food.

My favorite part of every pizza meal is not the pizza it’s always the oozing glutenous carbs. The cheesy bread. I have high standards for my cheesy bread and I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the bread we received. The other meals were much better quality than previous inexpensive pizza chains that I have been to, but the cheesy bread was not anything special. But I must admit, I did still enjoy it.


Lastly, for dessert was the cinnamon sticks that had me basically crying out of joy. I have never been tempted to order them before, but one of trip companions, Chase, insisted. I have to say it is a delicacy in  the Blackjack Pizza menu. It reminded me of a churro, but on bread and it was just as overloading as you would expect. It was a great end to the meal.

The trip had many roadblocks and adventures and Sopranos, but the food at Blackjack Pizza was not a low point. I would definitely order some cheap quick delivery from Blackjack again.

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