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Posted on May 4, 2017

Family style meals are the biggest struggle. I had never been to one until I was driving home from a road trip and I passed by Buca di Beppo Austin. That was the start to an interesting experience to say that least. Once I got back to Chicago for some reason the large shimmering sign to the Italian restaurant Bucca di Beppo really resonated with me and I looked it up. It just so happens that there is a Bucca di Beppo near Chicago, so I decided to go and write a Bucca di Beppo review.

I went alone thinking that… well I wasn’t really thinking. Anyway when I arrived, I couldn’t tell if the waiter was more surprised when I said table for 1 or if I was more surprised when I saw that this was very clearly a group destination.

I would not be set aback, though, so I went all out and decided to try two dishes and a dessert off of the Bucci di Beppo menu, hoping to startle my waiter just a little more. After munching on some warm, fluffy bread, I ordered Chicken Marsala and Fettuccine Alfredo and it was an overwhelming dinner.

The Chicken Marsala was a meal with marinated chicken and mushrooms in a wine reduction. The chicken was nicely cooked, but it was not anything special. Maybe it was because it had many different plates filled with food in front of me at the time, but the magnitude of the chicken made me tired of it from the beginning. Overall I’d say it was better than average but not amazing (still way better than anything I could cook at home). So huge plus in my book.

Next up was my favorite pasta dish, fettuccine alfredo. It was incredible. The creamy white sauce covered the perfectly cooked pasta and was sprinkled with parmesan. I slurped it up without hesitation. Dipping the bread into the sauce was a key way to take advantage of all of the sauce.

The service was great despite my situation and I can only imagine my waiter’s extraordinary capability in handling a large group. The Buca di Beppo menu is very accommodating as well with gluten-free options, which is important for a pasta restaurant.

After stuffing myself to the brim and packing up the leftovers, I knew there was still one thing I had to do. Try the cannoli. In the end, the Godfather was right, I couldn’t have left without trying it.

The crispy shell was stuffed with a delicious and sweet cream filling mixed with chocolate chips. I was too stuffed to eat too many, but I could see myself wanting to carry one of their cannolis around with me at all times. They are perfected with a light chocolate drizzle that really adds the final icing to the metaphorical cake.

When I was finally done, I carried my many boxes out the door proud and confident in my decision in going to Buca di Beppo.

I highly recommend going by yourself so you can have solid leftovers for a week or you can also be boring and go with friends. There’s always the 3rd option of Buca di Beppo delivery as well. I recommend all 3 anytime you’re in Austin.

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