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Posted on May 16, 2017

Lincoln Park is easily one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago with its fantastic selection of shopping, restaurants, and just generally pleasant and cool neighborhoods/streets, so when I heard about a great burger joint in the area called Burger Bar, I figured I had to try it. They actually have two locations, one in the South Loop and one in Lincoln Park, located conveniently close to the North/Clybourn stop off the Red Line!

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So like a lot of sit-down burger joints, Burger Bar Chicago also has a sports bar, which helps create a fun and casual environment. The Burger Bar menu offers a lot of different types of beer (I myself am not a big beer person, but for those of you who are!!) for you to enjoy alongside your food as you watch any of the different games they show.

I went with a friend during the March Madness tournament, so it was definitely fun being able to watch the game as we ate, but because it was also in the background, it wasn’t super obnoxious for when we weren’t paying attention (like a lot of sports bars can be).

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To be honest, I don’t really have high standards when it comes to enjoying burgers (like I will be more than satisfied with a McDonald’s burger) but I can still appreciate a more gourmet burger when I have one. When I went to Burger Bar with a friend, since I’m a huge spicy food fan, I decided to try the Firehouse burger (the spiciest burger on the Burger Bar menu), which featured a chipotle spiced burger with pepperjack cheese and an AMAZING jalapeno-scallion-chorizo relish. Normally it comes with guajillo aioli but I decided to spend the extra $1 to kick up the spice level with “el diablo”. Even though I wasn’t totally sure what this meant when I ordered, all I knew was that the spicier the better, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Even though the burger was spicy (it wasn’t killer though, don’t worry), the flavors of the spices didn’t take away from the condiments or the meat itself, which was also delicious. I normally like to get my meat cooked to a medium rare, so the meat was really moist and flavorful.

Additionally, when you order a burger you also get a side of either french fries, sweet potato fries (!!!), homemade chips, or a salad. I was so excited because I feel like most places actually have sweet potato fries as extra, and not only were they part of my burger order but they were delicious! Not too crispy and not too mushy, and especially not too salty (a grave error with many sweet potato fries, sigh).

You can also try the truffle fries for a dollar extra or sweet potato tots for $2 extra--if/when I go again, I am definitely going to try the sweet potato tots. I’ve never even heard of tater tots being made with sweet potatoes before, but if they’re any bit as good as the fries then I’m sure they’re incredible.

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I would definitely recommend Burger Bar to anyone who loves a good burger, mac and cheese (they have a mac and cheese bar!), and just a fun, casual environment that’s a little more upscale than, say, Shake Shack. There are tons of great Burger Bar reviews online, and l can verify that the reviews are accurate. While you can order pickup from their website, you can also get Burger Bar delivery through FoodBoss itself, woohoo! Sometimes I can be a little hesitant when I’m considering getting burger delivery just because sometimes the fries can get soggy or the burger is overcooked/soggy by the time the food is delivered to me. However, I hear that Burger Bar delivery is second to none. In addition to being still warm, the food is neither overcooked nor soggy--a modern day miracle!

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