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Posted on March 25, 2017

Are you feeling like everything you eat is the same, boring stuff every day? You might be suffering from a condition called a “food rut.” There’s only one way to break out of this vicious cycle. You need to spice things up and try Theory!

Theory is known for having some of River North’s best American food, but this restaurant has food from every cuisine you can imagine. Mexican food, BBQ, pizza, flatbreads, sliders, sandwich wraps, and 12 different salads. And a gluten-free section of their menu. There’s something for everyone here.

I’ll start with their appetizers. Pictured above are their shredded pork tacos. Being a San Diego native, I am no foreigner to Mexican food, and I can tell you personally that these got my stamp of approval.

My friends and I split these amongst ourselves and almost ordered another plate. The salsa gave a delicious kick to the shredded pork and roasted peppers, all wrapped inside a warm soft-shell taco. They were truly some of the best tacos in Chicago.

They also have a vegetarian option:

For the next round of food we got the buffalo wings, and were not disappointed! They were spicy, yet crispy, and they tasted exactly like you’d want your hot wings to taste.

Now onto the big leagues. Theory does not mess around with their meals. They are extremely unique. My personal favorite is their Chicago Burger. It’s a burger served with giardiniera and melted provolone cheese and it’s topped with marinara! It is truly a one of a kind burger that’s not for the faint of heart.  If you’re experiencing a food rut, the Chicago Burger is definitely the perfect remedy

The past few times I’ve been there, I stuck with their tacos and Chicago Burger. However the last time I went I needed to try something different. When I saw their Cali Sandwich I went for it. It has grilled chicken, marinated, avocado, tomato, onions, lettuce, and even comes with tater tots or soup. It’s a humble sandwich that does not dissapoint!

After this, I was stuffed, but the waitress coerced us into ordering dessert. We went for the skillet cookie. Yes, a cookie baked in a skillet, topped with whipped cream and ice cream that melts on top of it like butter on a hot pan. It’s marvelous.

To conclude, if you’re looking to change things up Theory is definitely the place for you. It’s the perfect spot to go with a big group of people, or just a few friends, because they have something for everyone there. But hey, if no one wants to go, or they’re too busy, you always have a friend in FoodBoss.

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