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Posted on May 19, 2017

What goes together better than late nights and pizza? Nada… Well maybe eight hours of sleep and not eating anything past 8:00pm. I mean, are you really living if you don’t need four cups of coffee to help you through the next day? So for all of my fellow delinquents, Cosmos Pizza Denver feeds into our appetites for living life. Not to mention their slices are literally the size of your face.


One of the first things I noticed about Cosmos Pizza Delivery was that it was super fast. Let me tell you a little bit about delivery from a regular pizza place… The whole reason for ordering a pizza is so you don’t have to remove yourself from the couch because you have been sucked into the Netflix timecontinuim. Then you forget you ordered a pizza because 40 minutes has passed and the hanger starts to take over. And suddenly the doorbell rings and you pray to the “rock, paper, scissors” gods that you beat your roommate so she has to go get the door. But with Cosmos Pizza delivery, the couch has no time to velcro itself to you because the pizza arrives in under 20 minutes!cosmos-5!.jpg

With the delivery portion of ordering a pizza under control, the only difficult left for a customer to do is to figure out what to order. The Cosmos Pizza menu has a wide selection, including everything from speciality and create your own pizzas, to calzones, and even salads for you health nuts out there! Now, I’m a firm believer in meat on a pizza, because if not then it just becomes some weird dough-salad. BUT Cosmos’ Greek Veggie pizza is slowly changing my mind about that. With spinach, sun-dried tomato, artichoke heart, and feta cheese (extra because cheese is lyfe), I actually don’t hate myself after eating this but still get the satisfying feeling of shoving a folded piece of pizza into my mouth.

Another one of their specialty pizzas I’m falling in love with is the Samoan, this includes: BBQ, bacon, ham, and onion. Honestly I would have stopped reading after BBQ because I’m already sold, but the ingredients get better as the list goes on! Not only is their delivery quick, but the Cosmos Pizza takeout is excellent too.

If you’re still on the fence about trying this place there are plenty of Cosmos Pizza reviews you can read, and all of them will affirm my love for Cosmos is warranted. When I’m feeling extra nice I’ll swing by Cosmos after work to pick up a ~za~ for my roomie because cooking is hard and overrated. And Cosmos Pizza has the options of either getting a 14”, 16”, or 24”. I usually get the 24” for us because then I have lunch for the next day! Packing a lunch= planning ahead= adulthood.

One time I came home with a pizza and my roommate glared at me with a displeased look:

Me: “Umm, what?”

Her: “Where’s the Homemade Spicy Ranch?”

Me: *silently ponders if I should go back to get the ranch*

To make up for my stupidity, the next time I picked up a pizza I bought an entire jar of the homemade ranch because I honestly thought my roommate was going to evict me. I don’t blame her though, this ranch is probably the best thing to ever touch my tastebuds. And it taste good on every pizza they have to offer!


The location of Cosmos Pizza fits in perfectly with the neighborhood it’s fixated in. There’s a tequila bar a few blocks over and Cosmos Pizza is open late… that’s fait, people. And you know how some late night places are filled with employees that judge you when you stumble inside and can’t pronounce your order without slurring? Cosmos Pizza is the opposite of that: the atmosphere is lively and the employees are so friendly even though you’re walking like a baby dear and have the speech patterns of a two year old.

I’ve had multiple experiences with Cosmos Pizza (even though some of them are fuzzy) and they never cease to amaze me. Whether it be delivery, takeout, or dining in, I’m always a fat, happy, & full customer.

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