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Posted on April 30, 2019

As you already know, FoodBoss is the cheapest food delivery app; this is old news. However, it’s time to check out some new news: some of the awesome restaurants that this app can get you food from!

The list we’re going to provide you is both eclectic and delicious, and it will surely satisfy any cravings that you have. Take a peek at them on FoodBoss’s app, which is incredibly easy to use and completely, totally free!


The first place we’ve got for you on this fantastic list is Southtown Pub. Southtown Pub is a nice spot to watch the game or order some dank bar food from!

When you order from here using cheap food delivery, make sure to order the buffalo chicken dip! It’s a midwestern classic that comes with potato chips and celery to dunk with!


The next place we’ve got for you is in FoodBoss’s hometown of Chicago. We’ve got...drum roll...Sushi Burrito! Sushi Burrito is the perfect fusion place, and one of the best places to gorge on in Chicago.

When you order from here, you’ve got to order the Angry Salmon Sushi Burrito. It’s got fresh fish, and it’s got the perfect amount of spice.


Alright, moving on, let’s check out Pietro’s Pizza. Located in Pennsylvania, it’s one of the best pizza places on the East Coast. You’ve gotta get the Pizza a la Vodka. It’s got shrimp, mozzarella cheese, and banana peppers. #Wet


Alright, now for some more delicious cheap food delivery options! Let’s travel to Los Angeles and check out DeLuscious Cookies. DeLuscious Cookies is a gourmet cookie place that has delightful cookies that have a truly home-baked taste.

When you order from here, you’ve gotta get the chocolate mint, chocolate decadence, and ginger spice cookies! And make sure to wash them down with a tall, cold glass of milk!


Coming up next, we’ve got Avenita Diner. It’s in New York City, and it’s the ideal place to order from if you’re craving some cheap delivery food from a diner.

Make sure to get their fresh squeezed orange juice and the egg salad club triple decker! It’s a bunch of food that’s got the classic diner taste! And the O.J. is about as sweet and tasty as freshly squeezed orange juice can get!


The final place that we’ve got for you is the incomparable Din Tai Fung. Din Tai Fung is the place to get Chinese from if you’re in Glendale, California! The choice that you’ve gotta go with is the noodles with sesame sauce!

The sauce is fresh, tasty, and authentic, and the noodles are the perfect texture! It’s also topped with peanuts, and goes great with the pork dumplings!


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Check out these restaurants using FoodBoss’s mobile service to keep your wallet and stomach full. Download the app ASAP!

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