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Posted on July 24, 2018

If you’re a fan of hip hop and food delivery deals, keep reading. Seriously. We’ve got a few treats for you.

So this summer, 107.5 is putting on a jam at the United Center, and they have some of the best hip hop artists around coming to play for you!

If you’re at this aforementioned concert and you don’t feel like selling a kidney for a corn dog, order from one of these great Chicago restaurants. FoodBoss will happily help you get them delivered to the United Center via cheap food delivery as fast as possible!

You’ll enjoy the price, the food, and the concert all in one night. That sounds like the making of a pretty great evening.


If you’re trying to class things up a bit at your summer jam, the place that you’ve really gotta order from is RPM Steak. RPM steak is a world-class steakhouse that can be ordered for super cheap if you order using FoodBoss!

When you order from here during the 107.5 Summer Jam, go for hand cut steak tartare. It’s a classy, gourmet, yet affordable item on the menu. It’s the highest quality steak tartare possible, and it comes with quail egg and blue cheese toast. It’ll fill you up, and you’ll feel good about yourself!

Crain’s Chicago Business

Throw some hand cut fries or some sweet corn in the mix, and you get yourself one delicious, massive meal!

Up next, we’ve got Il Porcellino. Il Porcellino is a delicious restaurant that can be brought to you very affordably if you order using the cheapest food delivery app!

Il Porcellino has a ton of great options, but when you wanna enjoy your 107.5 WGCI Summer Jam to the fullest extent, make sure to order the Barolo Short Rib. It’s got polenta and spicy tomato ragu. And the meat itself is super tender and juicy!

It’s the ideal thing to get from an Italian restaurant if you’re at a concert!

Trip Advisor

The final place to order from using cheap food delivery at the jam this summer is Ramen-San. When you order from Ramen-San, the thing to get is absolutely, totally the Kimchi and fried rice ramen. It’s savory, filling, and it’s made with pork broth and buttered corn! It’s an awesome American twist on a Japanese classic!

Kimchi Ramen

If you’re looking for something a little healthier cause you’re trying to meet a significant other at this concert, you’ve gotta order the shiitake ramen. It’s got shiitake broth, tofu, fried shiitakes, and it’s served with tokyo wavy noodles from Sun Noodles. Yummy.


Awesome Food Delivery Deals to Make it a Great Evening

I mean, come on. What are summers without concerts, and what are concerts without food? So, buy your last minute tickets to this jam, and if you already have them, peruse FoodBoss’s website to find the best food delivery deals possible on your favorite restaurants so that you can enjoy this concert the right way!

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