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Posted on July 2, 2017

A lot of people think that if you want to eat a good meal, you better be prepared to drop some dough. I am here to prove you wrong! I have found some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia for those who want some tasty eats while also not breaking the bank. Before you send that text to your parents asking for some money for lunch, think again because I am about to tell you about 5 restaurants with great food for the low you need to try.

1. Mac Mart

If you have ever been to Philadelphia, you have probably heard about Mac Mart. Debuting on the streets of Drexel’s campus in 2013, Mac Mart finally opened up a flagship store right in Rittenhouse in 2016.

Photo: Philly Voice

I have seen photos of Mac Mart all over instagram, and knew I had to try it for myself. All of their different mac and cheese varieties are under $10, and are very generous portions.  Not to mention Mac Mart’s menu has soooo many options! I was dying to try the BBQ Chicken Mac n Cheese, and when I finally did I was extremely satisfied.

Photo: Mac Mart

Classic mac n cheese topped with BBQ chicken chunks, cornbread crunch, and a BBQ drizzle?! It was like something worked up in my dreams. The best part was that it did not break the bank! Something essential for a broke college girl like myself! Of course, there’s always Mac Mart delivery, available through services like Caviar and Postmates!

2. Cosmi’s Deli


Now, how could I talk about restaurants in Philadelphia without mentioning Cosmi’s Deli? This 2-time Philly Magazine winner for Best Cheesesteaks is somewhere you NEED to go, and somewhere you can afford with all of their sandwiches being less than $10.

You can get a classic Philly Cheesesteak for just $8.95. Let me tell you, this is a hugeeee sandwich. You could honestly eat if for lunch or dinner and be stuffed for a few hours. The best part is you can have your award winning cheesesteak delivered right to your door with Cosmi’s Deli delivery!They have their own delivery service, and are also available through Foodler, Eatstreet, GrubHub, and Yelp.


If you’re looking for the cheapest items on Cosmi’s Deli menu, there is always a classic burger for just under $5, or a Dietz & Watson Hotdog for just a $1.50.

3. Millie’s Burgers, Steaks, & Shakes


From breakfast to dinner, Millie’s Burgers, Steaks & Shakes’ menu has it all.  If you come in during the morning, you can get a very filling breakfast sandwich for just $3.75. However, Millie’s Burgers, Steaks, & Shakes is more well known for their burgers, steaks, and shakes (shocking, right?)

A plain hamburger is only $3.50 and the price only goes up slightly if you want cheese or a double. Their hot roast beef sandwich is only $6.00 too, and both options are super filling. A solid option for some cheap American food.

Photo: The Conscious Eater

If you stop by this budget friendly spot, you have to get a milkshake. For just $4.25 you get an extremely large, thick, and delicious shake, available in a variety of flavors. Even if you choose Millie’s Burgers, Steaks, and Shakes delivery rather than dining in, their famous milkshakes still stay solid and delicious!

4. Mole Poblano


Who doesn’t crave tacos or a burrito every now and then? (Or like everyday...maybe that’s just me?) Sometimes that Chipotle burrito is just too expensive. That’s why I would recommend something just as delicious for all of you out in Philly: Mole Poblano.

Mole Poblano’s menu is HUGE, and has so many different options and combinations. However, some of my favorites have to be the three tacos for $6, the torta for $6, or the 4 enchiladas for just $8. Yes you heard that right, 4 enchiladas!


Of course there is always the option to do Mole Poblano delivery. Mole Poblano is available through the delivery service Foodler. So what are you waiting for?! You’re just a simple click away from a delicious and cheap meal.

5. Fuzhou House


Finally, the last tasty spot I found that is super affordable for all you broke kids is Fuzhou House. Fuzhou House’s menu has a very large selection of Chinese food to choose from, as well as some Thai options like the Pineapple Fried Rice. The Pineapple Fried Rice is an entire quart of rice for under $10. Think about that. An entire quart.

They also offer tons of combination meals, all under $9. My favorite has to be the Chicken with Cashew Nuts Dinner, and it is probably enough food to feed me for a solid 3 days. Another tasty option is the Shrimp Lo Mein Dinner for just $6.95.


If you want to stay in your pajamas, and eat Chinese food in front of your TV, then you’re in luck. Fuzhou House delivery is available from the store, as well as through EatStreet,, Foodler, and more.

Now that you have a list of the best restaurants in Philly on a budget, what are you waiting for? It’s time to eat (and not spend your entire paycheck!)

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