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Posted on May 8, 2017

In the mood for a tasty treat? Or a huge meal? What about breakfast? Or lunch. Or dinner. It honestly doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for because Snap Kitchen Austin has it all.

Snap Kitchen is your one stop shop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a healthy-style restaurant with amazing food. The best part about it is how fast it is. Hence the “snap” in the name.

Personally, my favorite thing about the Snap Kitchen Menu is how healthy it is. I know what you might be thinking… Healthy food. Ew. But trust me, you wouldn’t even know that you’re eating “healthy” food. It doesn’t have that nasty healthy taste that is so often paired with food that’s good for you.

They have things like pancakes, waffles, bacon, chicken, tacos, and more. And it’s all healthy!

For some reason, last week I was on a huge salad kick, so I got their chicken salad. Not only did it satisfy my salad fix, but it went way over my expectations, considering how affordable it is! Everything on their menu is affordable, but I will say their portions don’t match up to other, lower quality fast food places. They have other salads too, like their avocado salad. It comes with a creamy ranchy dressing that I’d highly recommend.

The next thing I’d recommend are their breakfast tacos. Because who doesn’t love breakfast, and who doesn’t like tacos?! If you’re reading this and don’t like at least one of those things you can just stop reading now. (joking, there are tons of other options on the menu). (But seriously why don’t like you breakfast. OR tacos? What did they ever do to you?)

Snap Kitchen’s breakfast tacos are extremely savory and filling. They consist of homemade paleo tortillas loaded up with scrambled eggs, spicy chicken sausage, and homemade salsa verde. AND you can get an order of them for under $6.

The last thing I’d have to recommend off of the Snap Kitchen menu would be their chicken. When all else fails, you can’t go wrong chicken. When I saw the general pricing on their menu, I was a little concerned at how good the food was going to be. But they definitely proved me wrong. The quality of the meat alone was enough to change my mind. Their signature chicken dish is a classic for me, and I’ll most likely be ordering it again the next time I go. It also comes with this awesome spiced rice that makes me feel like I’m at home eating a home-cooked meal.

That’s the reason I always use FoodBoss when I decide to get Snap Kitchen Delivery. FoodBoss gives me the cheapest delivery fees, fastest delivery times, restaurant rankings, and even lets me order booze with it.

It’s perfect for people who want good food delivered to their door without going through the hassle of paying pricey delivery fees or waiting for those annoying delivery waits. Snap Kitchen delivery is the way to go, anyway. Enjoying this high-end, healthy, low-priced food at home will make think you cooked it yourself!

I hope you guys enjoyed my Snap Kitchen review!

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