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Posted on September 18, 2019

Learn industry insights to save money and time on every food delivery order. Find the best food delivery service for every food purchase. Find the best food delivery app every single time. Why settle for less than the best? Learn how to make the most of every meal with the FoodBoss Food Delivery Guide.

Table of Contents:

    • The Food Delivery Market

      • The Big Players

      • Heavy Competition

      • High Costs to Consumers

    • How Fees are Calculated

      • Service Fees

      • Surge Pricing Fees

      • Small Cart Fees

      • Complicated for Consumers

    • How to Minimize Order Cost

      • Avoid High Service Fees

      • Avoid Surge Pricing

      • Find Cheap Delivery Options

    • Find Promotions from Delivery Services

      • Coupon Codes

      • Share With Friends

      • Event Promo Codes

    • Why FoodBoss is a Must for Food Delivery

      • Complete Information

      • Save Money

      • Save Time

The Food Delivery Market

- The Big Players

There is no shortage of companies jockeying for your business when you order food delivery. Some of the biggest names in food delivery today are Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, Caviar, Grubhub,, Eat Street, and others. While each has cities where they perform best, (for example Postmates in Los Angeles or Grubhub in New York City) none of these companies has yet to emerge as the dominant player. For now, they are all still fighting amongst themselves for market share.

- Heavy Competition

As mentioned above, the food delivery industry is highly competitive. We've seen hundreds of millions of dollars of investors' money poured into these enormous start-ups while every company fights and claws for its share of the food delivery pie (estimated to be worth $23 billion by 2023). Unfortunately, this leaves consumers with many questions and concerns.

- High Costs to Consumers

Often, delivery fees are complicated for consumers. You may think you're getting one price when at the end of the transaction you're suddenly facing a much higher cost in food delivery fees. FoodBoss is the only tool that provides an accurate prediction of the total cost you can expect to incur based on your delivery order.

How Fees are Calculated

- Service Fees

Service fees are one of the hidden costs of food delivery. Some companies charge up to an additional 20% service fee based on the amount of food you order. The more expensive the order, the higher the service fee will be. Use FoodBoss to precisely estimate what your service fee is and better yet, how to avoid it.

- Surge Pricing Fees

Anybody familiar with ride-sharing services is probably familiar with this concept. But, many people don't know that food delivery companies have also started implementing surge pricing into their algorithms. Order at off-peak times to avoid an uptick in cost, or use FoodBoss to find a service with no surge fees.

- Find Cheap, or Free Delivery Options

Some delivery companies will charge you an additional fee when you try to complete a purchase without ordering enough food. The threshold for a minimum order is not standard but expect it to be around $10-$15. And the Small Cart Fee is usually $2.

- Complicated for Consumers

The real lesson when it comes to food delivery fees is that it's incredibly complicated. Many of these additional fees aren't added to your total cost until right before you check out. To see the total cost upfront use FoodBoss to estimate your food delivery cost.

How to Minimize Order Costs

- Avoid Service Fees

Like we mentioned above, the more expensive the order, the higher the service fee will be. One easy way to keep costs down is to try and minimize the amount of food you order. But, the better solution is to complete group orders to spread the service fee cost amongst multiple people. Or better yet, use FoodBoss to pick the service best for your order size.

- Avoid Surge Pricing Fees

Ordering at off-peak times is one solution to try and avoid surge pricing. Unfortunately, peak times around a big event or meal are not the only time surge pricing is activated. It may also be in place when a delivery company doesn't have many couriers available. FoodBoss will notify you before you begin to place an order if surge pricing is activated for a particular service.

- Find Cheap (or Free) Delivery Options

FoodBoss allows you to sort through thousands of restaurant listings in your city and filter the results to find the restaurant and delivery service combination that offers the lowest total delivery cost. You can often find multiple restaurants offering free delivery through one of our delivery partners.

Find Delivery Promotions

- Find New User Coupon Codes

Many delivery companies are so focused on gaining users that they are willing to give away promotional codes for first-time users, which could save you tons of money. If you only use one app, try downloading a new one and search for a promotional code to enter while signing up.

- Share Referral Codes

Similarly, companies are desperate to gain new users. If a friend uses a delivery app that you haven't used, they will likely have a referral code they can share with you. When you sign up, you both get money off the cost of food delivery when ordering through that particular service.

- Event Promotion Codes
For some significant events, holidays, or random promotional giveaways, food delivery companies will offer promotional codes to their users. You have to keep an eye out for these since they are rarer, but chances are if you know there's a big event in your area you can find a code to use. An example of an event where a promotional code might be available is when a food delivery company is promoting a new partnership deal with a restaurant, so they offer free delivery from that restaurant for a limited time.

Why FoodBoss is a Must Have

- Complete Information

Not all food delivery apps have every restaurant available. Some restaurants are only available on a single app. Since FoodBoss compares multiple delivery apps in one place, we have the widest selection of restaurants in every city. With FoodBoss, you get a complete list of restaurants available for food delivery. Find over 160,000 restaurants today!

- Save Money

FoodBoss compares the total delivery fee cost before you begin placing an order on one of our partner sites. We show you all parts of the fee upfront including service fee, delivery fee, surge pricing, and small cart fee, so you know what you're going to pay. Compare the total fees from multiple delivery services that deliver from the same restaurants so you can pick the cheapest option every time.

- Save Time

We also compare the estimated delivery time for each restaurant available. If you're in a rush, you can check and see if one service is available faster than another. Pick the option that works best for you to save time on food delivery.

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