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a10 Review

Right in the heart of Chicago's Hyde Park are some great historical attractions, like the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. After exploring some of the many attractions Hyde Park has to offer I know I tend to get extremely hungry. My go-to grub while I’m in the area is A10 Chicago. Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner with friends or a place to eat with the whole family A10 is the place to be.

My most recent trip to the Museum of Science and Industry included my two brothers, who don’t get the chance to come to the city nearly as much as me. I wanted to impress them with my new knowledge of the city, and the best places to eat and explore. Although I wanted to roam the streets a bit more once we finished up at the museum, we had to stop and eat because I could hear my brother’s stomach growling. I knew I had to get them food quick, before I had to deal with the constant moaning and groaning that follows that low ominous growl.

Doubtful of my new knowledge of the city, my brothers were skeptical at first about my claim of an awesome Italian restaurant I knew near by. But I wasn’t worried. I knew they’d end up loving everything that A10 has to offer.

Although I am so fond of A10, it had been a while since I was able to get back, so I was just as excited as them to dive into the food as soon as possible. A10 menu is packed full with all the classic Italian meals that’ll satisfy any and all of your cravings.

You can never go wrong with a plate of pasta, like A10’s orecchiette, bucatini carbonara, rigatoni, gemelli, or any of the many more. Additionally, A10 has a great selection of classic Italian salads, and a great selection of authentic Italian plates, including their chicken picatta, bone in pork chop, octopus a la plancha, roasted cauliflower, and hearth fired salmon. Each dish comes highly recommended, by not only the servers, but just about anyone that’s stepped foot into A10.

As we finally arrived to the restaurant, after having to hear their complaints go on and on the entire way, I immediately put in an order for the handcut fries, topped with cayenne pepper, lemon, parsley, and aioli, to start us off. Not long after we scarfed down our heaping plate of fries, we quickly put in our orders.

Even though I highly recommended the the scallop tortellini, with wasabi-english pea puree, grilled ramps, fava beans, and pink peppercorn, I suggested my brothers go out on a limb and try something new.

Of course, while one of my brothers went ahead and ordered the bone in pork chop, with polenta, grilled knob onions, winter radish, and balsamic, the other still stuck to a more traditional plate. To no surprise, the picky eater decided to go with the burger.

Although I was a bit disappointed in his inability to try something new, I was anxious to see how much he enjoyed it. As it turned out, both of my brothers were overjoyed by their experience. The A10 burger, topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, grilled onion, dill pickles and greens, turned out amazing. We each passed around our plates for the other two to enjoy. To no surprise, we were all fond of each plate on the table.

As we devoured every last bite, my brothers went on and on about just how much they enjoyed their meals at A10. I was very pleased with myself, having known I did actually know a thing or two about the city. It was good to know that A10 could always be a place my brothers and I could come back to, and a place we could enjoy and make memories for many years to come.

Hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit more about A10 in my A10 review. Now that you can also trust my opinion for places in the city, go ahead and give A10 delivery for yourself. Not only am I excited to come back, but thanks to A10 delivery, I’ll be able to order A10 for my brothers and I to eat right in my new apartment in the city. Maybe someday they’ll appreciate my overall knowledge of the city. For now though A10 is the only thing they’ll give me credit for.

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