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Posted on January 6, 2017

New year, new me… Amirite? Actually, it’s quite the opposite: remember in 2016 when we tried that slogan? And we all know how that turned out. So this year, instead of making the same old resolutions such as: working out, eating healthier, and quite frankly just getting our lives together, why not do things we actually enjoy.

This year, I have vowed to simply do things that make me happy, and one of those things is ~food~. Due to the fact that Chicago is currently experiencing sub-zero temperatures, this has put a damper on my foodie resolution. But, not to worry, the invention of food delivery has allowed me to remain warm (and lazy) by conveniently comparing food delivery on comparing food delivery on FoodBoss of course.

Shake Shack

Photo: Verge Campus

There was no hesitation in starting my resolution; New Years Day I was in no position to leave my apartment due to the pain my liver was experiencing, therefore River North's Shake Shack saved the day. Usually, I would just order a regular Shack burger with no tomato, but my resolution halted this decision. I ordered the ‘Schroom Burger with cheese fries and a handspun strawberry and peanut butter shake (it tasted like a PB&J and I regret nothing). I haven’t enjoyed mushrooms for 22 years but this burger changed that. I’m sure the fact that they were filled with two types of cheese helped.

Not only is the food delicious and the service quick and friendly, but the story of Shake Shack is nifty as well. The Shack started out as more of a hut, a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park just 16 years ago and is now famous all over the world. Who knew.

Hub 51

The second cuisine I decided to lose myself in was Mexican Food! Arguably my favorite (yes, the tequila is a contributing factor) I couldn’t wait to enhance my pallet! I ventured south to River North on a date to Hub 51. To be honest, I had what type of cuisine it was supposed to be but I was pleasantly surprised to find ceviche and tacos staring back at me on the menu.  

My carne asada tacos were cooked to perfection and the “make your own” plate was presented to me with things I had no idea people put on tacos: my favorite being a sweet green sauce that changed my life. Besides the food, the atmosphere of Hub 51 was chic, and thriving on the mid 20 year olds that rule River North. The service was exquisite and they were more than willing to accommodate for any special occasion. ;) The restaurant quickly turns into a thriving bar around 11:00 pm.

Pasta Palazzo

Photo: Heather S.

The next cultural masterpiece I dabbled in was Italian. I went to lunch at Pasta Palazzo on Halsted and Armitage. Talk about convenience: it’s right off the Armitage Brown Line stop and it’s BYOB. Who wouldn’t want to people watch Lincoln Park moms in all their glory while carbo loading?

My roommate ordered the Cavatappi Pollo (there were mushrooms in it, I tried a bite and thanks to Shake Shack I liked it) and I ordered the handmade Gnocchi with a spicy vodka tomato cream sauce. I left lunch with a full tummy, a little buzzed, and a fuller wallet than expected: the bill was under $25 for both of us! All in all, it’s been a pretty great start to 2017. I’m eight days in and my pallet has been to three countries already.

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