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Posted on January 6, 2018

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Finding healthy vegan options can be challenging at times, but these great restaurants offer a wide variety of foods that will appear to anyone dining in or looking for some quick delivery. The flavors are fresh and the food absolutely shines! Here are 5 great vegan restaurants in Portland for dining in or Portland delivery!

No Bones Beach Club PDX

Portland, OR 97227

Photo: Yelp

From the fun and lively atmosphere to the delicious food, No Bones About It Beach Club PDX has a lot of things going for it that will keep you coming back time and time again! The variety is impressive and they have a lot of options for a wide range of people. Their use of jackfruit is astounding as it seamlessly appears to be apart of a lot of the menu.  I had the jackfruit flautas and was impressed at how flavorful they were. I was put into an instant food coma of pure bliss. If you’re looking for a new vegan restaurant to try, look no further as this is one of the finest restaurants that also has great No Bones About It Beach Club PDX delivery!

Ichiza Kitchen and Tea House

Portland, OR 97201

Photo: Yelp

Of all the vegan noodle places I’ve been to, Ichiza Noodle and Tea House is an absolute gem! The service is great and you can count on having your order in quickly and getting your food fast! I had the Fox Udon and was blown away on how savory the broth was and how delicious the noodles were. Eat in or grab it on the run, Ichiza Kitchen and Tea House is the place to find tons of vegan noodle fun. You have got to try this or get it delivered for fast Ichiza Kitchen and Tea House  delivery service!

Next Level Burger

Portland, OR 97214

Photo: Yelp

This vegan burger place stands with all the beef greats, showing that vegetable substitutes can taste just as delicious as their meat counterparts. You can get your standard array of toppings, but be sure to get some of their special sauce on your burger! They also have delicious fries and shakes for you to try. The service is great and the staff are very knowledgeable about their food. Give Next Level Burger a visit if you’re looking for high quality burgers!  Next Level Burger delivery is delivery at its finest!

Kayo’s Ramen Bar

Portland, OR 97227

Photo: Yelp

Kayo’s Ramen Bar provides fresh food and excellent vegan noodles for you to enjoy! Kayo’s Ramen Bar delivery is delivery done right!  The broth is delicious and you’ll have to resist slurping your whole bowl down all at once.  The ramen here can also be very spicy, but the zing really adds to the flavor and experience of each of their ramen dishes.  For some of the best ramen dishes around you have got to come grab a healthy bowl of vegan ramen at Kayo’s!

Back to Eden Bakery Cafe

Portland, OR 97211

Photo: Yelp

Back to Eden Bakery provides both gluten free and vegan dishes that will blow you away! They have tons of classic desserts like apple pie and shakes that are completely vegan and just as delicious. The atmosphere is also welcoming and this bakery definitely feels more like home. After a long day or after a big meal, come down for any of Back to Eden Bakery’s for fine desserts that will certainly not disappoint. Back to Eden Bakery delivery is delivery done right!

It can be tough to find great vegan cuisine, but these restaurants and Portland delivery services will guarantee you a healthy and tasty meal quick!

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