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Posted on May 6, 2017

I have found myself through art and it is not what you would usually think. A dash of red, a peppering of green, and a slather of white on a canvas. An unconventional canvas at that.

My sister took me to a pizza place when I was visiting her, MOD Pizza in Austin. It is not like Dominos or another classic pizza place, though. This place puts you in charge of crafting an artisan pizza that you can call art.

The power that MOD Pizza gives is liberating because you feel like you are making your own meal making me feel accomplished and productive. Truly, seeing and devouring my creation is a feeling like no other.

Photo:Shelby Barone

The art is created by first stepping through the magical doors of MOD Pizza. You are greeted by a worker who asked first for the type and size of dough you would like. This is a difficult question because sometimes you just don’t know if you want to share your creation with others or if you are doing it for yourself. The next step is to choose your sauce. The base to your painting.

The options seem endless because you can have BBQ sauce, a garlic rub, pesto, a red sauce or a white sauce. It is a hard decision, but I usually combine pesto with white sauce to make it interesting. A creamy and earthy flavor. The red sauce is also really good and the red layer can enhance your later additions.

Next on the list is deciding the cheeseee. Ooouuu. I did not venture from the classic mozzarella, but you could order asiago, feta, gorgonzola, parmesan, or even dairy-free! I am still really curious, as to what these cheese would do to the final masterpiece and I hope to return soon to try it.

Photo:Shelby Barone

That has to be my favorite part about MOD Pizza. You can never get old of the options because there is no way you can get bored of the same thing. Each time is a new adventure, a new design. The flavors change and adapt to what you might be feeling that day. Yes, you can still have a classic order, but also you can switch it up any time by just adding some cilantro or tomatoes.

Next you have to add your toppings. This can honestly be really overwhelming especially because I am one of those eaters that just asks for “everything,” but that is not quite possible with the 25 different toppings. The meats off the MOD Pizza menu that I went for were bacon, I LOVE BACON ON PIZZA, and spicy Italian sausage. They were two great toppings with strong yet not overpowering flavors.

Photo: Precious Petty

Lastly, the greens I added were jalepeños, spinach and roasted red peppers. Honestly, writing what I ordered doesn’t sound as good as it was, but please trust me it was delicious. I have a specific taste, but that is what is great about MOD Pizza is that you can cater to your own specific flavors and preferences.

Just writing this post is making me want to order some MOD Pizza delivery with FoodBoss right now!

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