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Posted on March 27, 2017

 Located near Michigan Avenue in the heart of Gold Coast, Sprinkles is the perfect dessert place near me, as a college student often wandering into downtown for lunch, dinner, or shopping. With charming interior decoration and a plethora of different treats for everyone, Sprinkles should be your go-to from anything to a birthday celebration, date night, or simply a day out with the girls. In the spring and summer, it’s a wonderful place to take a break from shopping; stopping for a cupcake break in the cozy shop is great in the winter, too.

My favorite cupcake flavors at Sprinkles are the red velvet, milk chocolate, and cinnamon sugar (basically a snickerdoodle combined with a cupcake – the ultimate dream), but they also offer sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free options as well as dog-friendly food with their doggie cupcakes. Sprinkles has also branched out into ice cream, cookies, and take-home cupcake mix, so if you’re not feeling cupcakes, you can either take it home to bake or try something else!

The prices for each individual cupcakes comes to about $4 to $5, but considering that I can barely hold Sprinkles cupcakes in a single hand, it is worth it to shell out a little more for such pastry perfection. Each cupcake is lovingly baked, iced, and decorated beautifully – every time I eat a Sprinkles cupcake, I’m amazed by how perfectly the moist cake and sweet icing balance each other out.

One of the biggest attractions of Sprinkles, however, is the Cupcake ATM. You can easily spot its neon pink sign right next to the main entrance of the shop. It’s basically a vending machine for fresh cupcakes! Even if Sprinkles isn’t open, you can still enjoy a decadent cupcake, simply by purchasing one from the Cupcake ATM. It’s such a fun experience, too, selecting which cupcake you want from the electronic screen and seeing your cupcake emerge from the machine.

Last year, Sprinkles also unveiled a rewards system called Sprinkles Perks. There are three levels of membership: vanilla, dark chocolate, and red velvet. While all members get a free cupcake on their birthdays, get access to exclusive events, and referral bonuses,  they must rack up points to increase their level and gain more privileges (like getting “skip the line” passes!).

Not around Gold Coast but still have a craving for cupcakes? FoodBoss provides a variety of delivery options from Sprinkles, from individual cupcakes, boxes of 12, or all the way to a Sprinkles Cupcake Tower. It’s a great way to enjoy Sprinkles on a lazy day in, or if you need a quick birthday treat.

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