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Posted on April 17, 2019

There are a ton of ethnic spices out there that people love to taste. Today, we’re going to start with a restaurant-goer favorite--curry.

We’re sure that everyone has had curry before at this point. However, in this article we’re going to show some curries to you/some places that serve curries that will knock your socks off!

Try some of these delicious curries today that will open your eyes and palate to completely new types of curry!

Let’s check out some dope Indian restaurants in New York that serve up some tasty and totally unique curry. The first of these spots is Masala Times Greenwich Village. This Indian restaurant located in Greenwich Village (go figure) serves up fire curry that is unlike any curry you’ve probably ever tasted before.

When you order a curry-based dish from here, it’s probably a good call to get the Seafood Box. It’s a ton of food, and it comes with a unique seafood-based curries. The foods in the Seafood Box include goan shrimp curry, fish curry, shrimp saag, shrimp tikka masala, fish tikka masala. It’s also served with Onion Salad, Daal, Saffron Rice and Flatbread.

It’s surprisingly affordable given the amount of food that’s in it, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

The next location we have is Indi Thai, a fantastic restaurant that’s a cornerstone in the New York community. In addition to being a cornerstone, they also happen to have some amazing curries.

In regard to their curries, we have a few great options for you. The first of these options is the Chef’s Speciality Curry, which, just based on the name, you know it’s good. It’s made up of Indian spices with garlic, ginger, onion & tomato sauce. It’s zesty, and goes well with just about everything.

Another fantastic choice at Indi Thai is the Vindaloo, a classic Indian curry dish. It’s a spicy curry that’s tomato paste that has healthy-sized potato chunks in it. It’s got the perfect amount of kick, and it’s a savory delight.

The last place we have in store for you is A Saffron Thread. Other than having an awesome name and being located in luxurious Tribeca, A Saffron Thread has great curries. And one of these great curries is their chicken curry. Their chicken curry is composed of pieces chicken slow-cooked in Punjabi spices and submerged in a rich onion-based curry. Order it, and you’ll be thankful that you exposed yourself to this flavorful masterpiece.

Just because you’ve had curry before doesn’t mean that you’ve had every curry in the world. Expand your horizons and exceed your expectations with these restaurants that whip up some mean, unique curries that have an abundance of flavor.

These curries are also from restaurants that are located in New York, which is arguably the best food city in the world. Therefore, you know that these curries mean business, and that they’ll be completely unlike any curry you’ve ever tasted in the best way possible. So enjoy these pleasantly familiar ethnic dishes the next time you’re in The City That Never Sleeps. Or if you’re a permanent resident, order them for dinner tonight!

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