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Posted on February 17, 2017

We’ve all been there: it’s 4:00am, you want to put sweatpants on, you’ve asked your friend four times if you closed out your tab, the boy you like left you on “read”, and somehow you still have your jacket that you threw in the corner booth of the bar. But miraculously you have managed to stumble to a food joint containing the two-syllabled fuel that your body needs: pizza, tacos, burgers, cheese fries, and breakfast. These are all better known as drunchies, and while we might not all be party animals, almost all of us can relate to the experience of binge eating while inebriated. For that reason, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling the best late night food in Chicago. Check out this list, and never leave a pizza in the oven overnight again.

Bacci Pizzeria- Wrigleyville

Having been in this state more often than I would like to admit, I became an expert on late night drunchies. I don’t know if it’s because we live in Chicago or if this is a national thing but once I have reached a certain level the only word I can say is “pizza”. Bacci Pizzeria in Wrigleyville has slices the size of your face and they are open until 5:00am. This is a perfect late night pizza spot because after you made your way down the strip, you can convince your friends that it’s already 4:00am and the pizza will help prevent regrets for the morning after!

Allende & Allende #2- Lincoln Park

And, coincidentally, if you have to cater to a friend that needs something a little more authentic, Allende and Allende #2 may be the best mexican food on the Northside. The two restaurants are only a couple blocks away from each other but that actually makes for a perfect situation, because I need Mexican food near me at all times. If you are returning to the Gold Coast and need to make a pit stop, Allende #2 is there. Or if you’re staying in Lincoln Park, the original Allende trumps the ~boring~ option of McDonald's. Not only is the food delicious but the customer service at the Allendes is amazing as well. They remember their customers and their orders, even if you can’t remember them because you had one too many.

Johnny’ Beef- Lincoln Park

Next on the list that will go nicely with your $1.00 beers at Mcgees is Johnny’s Beef in Lincoln Park! Johnny’s not only has the best burgers in Lincoln Park (you can literally put anything on them) BUT they also have cheese fries. And if you’re more of a regular fry kinda person, they have handmade milkshakes to dip them in. I know I’m not the only one who pairs fries with shakes so don’t be ashamed to admit it!

Elly’s Pancake House- Gold Coast

Finally, let’s say that you closed down the Hangge-Uppe on Friday night/Saturday morning and you don’t know if you should pig out or start your day off with a well-balanced breakfast: Elly’s Pancake House in Gold Coast has got you covered. I’ve been to this place sober and not so much, and it never fails. Definitely some of the best breakfast food in the Gold Coast. They put whip cream on literally everything. Elly’s is open 24 hours and it’s great for accommodating to you and your party’s needs. Unlike most places in Chicago, they actually take reservations: anytime of day too!

Now that you’re at home in your bed (or not, but hey no one is judging), I will leave you with a piece of advice that my father told me before I left for college: force yourself to drink a glass of water before you fall asleep. It saves lives. Until next time.

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