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Posted on July 20, 2016

The Lollapalooza Festival starts today and you are probably still recovering from the Pitchfork Music Festival, Windy City Smokeout, and Taste of River North. This year's festival showcases some of the best food in the city. We have taken the list of this year's vendors and narrowed it down to the ones that you should definitely either try at the festival or visit after you are recovered from dancing too hard.

  1. Dia De Los Tamales — Serving up delicious tamales since 2011, this Pilsen establishment is a go-to Chicago spot so that you can keep rocking and drinking.
  2. County Barbecue — You cannot go wrong when it comes to the gents behind DMK Burger Bar (David Morton and Michael Kornick) and mK (Erick Williams). There is a reason the DMK is always packed and mK continues to bring in strong reviews.
  3. Edzo's Burger Shop — The Evanston staple that sadly moved out of Lincoln Park will provide you with the freshest fries and burgers at the Festival. If they are offering shakes, GET ONE!

  4. Momofuku Milk Bar — The talented and phenomenal pastry chef Christina Tosi, is flying from NY to hit your taste buds and show you that it isn't just Sweet Mandy B's that you should respect. Make sure to have the crack pie if you are low in the sugar count.

  5. Original Rainbow Cone — I was blown out of the water when I first met the rainbow cone and let my taste buds take a wild ride of deliciousness. The south-side legend will be something you should absolutely have at least once to cool off.

  6. Tank Noodle — The pho craze might (should) be past it's prime (though we really love pho), but this Vietnamese juggernaut is continually ranked in the top 3 for Vietnamese in Chicago because of how delicious their food is. Get ready for the Tank to fire a missile of flavor in your first bite.

  7. The Purple Pig — Mixing Chicago's love and heritage of hog with owner, Jimmy Jr.'s love for Mediterranean, your senses and stomach will thank you for remembering to feed it as you enjoy the festival each day.

  8. La Mexicana — Don't know what paletas are? YOU SHOULD HIDE IN A CORNER! Still rolling up the food craze ranking, Mexican paletas are made with real fruit juice and usually have chunks of fruit in them (unlike most popsicles). You know all the BAEs will be 'gramming and jamming with these cool ones.

  9. Franks 'n' Dawgs — Just have any of their crazy creations on a buttery bun and bask in the glory of the big shoulders of the Chicago skyline. Really, nothing else needs to be said.

  10. Leghorn Chicken — Ever been to Nashville and tried Hot Chicken? We aren't talking the temperature, we are talking flavor here people and it will blow off your face. Make sure you grab one of their chicken sandwiches and if you can get the Buttermilk Biscuit as your bun, GO FOR IT! Festivals are like vacations, right?

  11. MAD Social — The duck confit bao buns and chicken and waffles make our mouth water every time we talk about them in the office. This 1-year-old concept from Stefani Signature Restaurants has taken a hold of the West Loop and will take a hold of your hunger too at the festival.
    ####Bonus: M Burger — Yes, we already had a burger joint that has a strong fries and shake game, but you cannot forget to have at least one LettuceEntertain restaurant on the list. If you like your fries salted just right, get your snack on with this Chicago local. Don't like what we chose? Well go stuff your face with a donut! Actually, that is a great idea and I am going to do that now!

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