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Posted on August 5, 2017

What are the best seafood restaurants in the City of Angels? From cuisines that traveled over the Atlantic Oceans to phenomenal fusions that transformed the way we enjoy seafood. Los Angeles’ restaurants are the perfect representation of the American melting pot. FoodBoss picked the top 6 unique seafood selections in the city that might transform your life and spark your tastebuds, enjoy.

Simpang Asia

Photo: Simpang Asia

Simpang Asia is a no frills cafe serving some of the best Indonesian dishes in Los Angeles. The menu features amazing seafood options. Those of you who don't like seafood though don't worry because the Simpang menu has so much more than just seafood, and all of the options on the menu are exquisite. The dishes are all around $10, with many of them being under $10, making it super affordable for everyone. They specialize in Indonesian vibrant street snacks that are unique to people in America but stay true to the cuisine’s origin. With a cuisine originated from thousands of islands in the middle of sea, Simpang Asia has the cheapest yet most unique seafood dishes.


Photo: Simpang Asia

The Simpang Asia menu is full of earthy dishes that are meant to fill you up. My favorite dish is the Salmon Curry even though it was my first time trying it. I’m used to having curry dishes with beef or chicken and not salmon. I was super excited to try it, and it didn’t beat down my high expectation. The fish is grilled to a soft texture, and topped with plenty of curry sauce. Combined with a fluffy rice on the side, this meal is super delicious yet healthy. You should know that while the photo features garlic kale under the salmon the dish now actually comes with garlic string beans. Some more amazing dishes are the Laksa and Grilled Fish. The Laksa is a seafood curry noodle soup packed with ingredients, including yellow noodles, shrimp, squid, fish cake, tofu, boiled egg, bean sprouts, cucumber, and cilantro. All the different types of seafood blend together beautifully after sitting in the delicious broth to give this dish amazing flavor.


Photo: Simpang Asia

The Grilled fish is a flash fried prior grilling whole tilapia that is grilled prior. The frying and grilling gives the fish an amazing texture, and the flavor is superb due to a special soy garlic sauce they use to marinate the fish with. This dish also comes with rice.


 Photo: Simpang Asia

Cafe Sevilla

Photo: Yelp

Cafe Sevilla is a vibrant restaurant with Spanish flare. It’s full of beautiful murals of Spanish neighborhoods and stars hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant specializes in serving Spanish tapas, which makes it a great opportunity to invite a large group of friends to share the dishes, and dance the night away.

Photo: Yelp

The Cafe Sevilla menu offers tapas, a variety of paellas, and fresh seafood. To compliment they feature Spanish wines and refreshing sangrias as well. The Spicy Octopus dish is a great starter for everyone to try. Although it is chewy, the dish is seasoned well, and a delicacy to be had. The seafood paella is a great dish to share amongst your guests as well. The creamy texture of the rice pairs greatly with the assortment of fish. The dish comes with fresh clams, shrimp, salmon, scallops, mussels, and calamari, so it’s definitely worth every penny. Every seafood entree and tapas dish is prepared well, and is worth a try.

Sushi Roku

Photo: Innovative Dining

Sushi Roku gathers the freshest fish around the globe, and artistically presents it for you to eat. You may not want to eat it because it’s too beautiful and sophisticated. As a pioneer in contemporary sushi, eating at Sushi Roku is an experience that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Photo: Innovative Dining

The Sushi Roku menu is full of innovative Japanese dishes. My favorite signature roll is the Truffle Tempura roll. This graceful roll is topped with avocado and wasabi truffle soy sauce that can’t be found anywhere else. The housemade grilled salmon is also a great dish if you’re opting for an entree. The salmon is grilled crisp and marinated with their special BBQ sauce for flavor. There’s delicious creamy mashed potatoes and seaweed on the side to seal the deal.


Mastros Restaurant

Photo: Arizona Foothills Magazine

Mastros Restaurant is the place to go to truly experience Beverly Hills fine dining. With sophisticated restaurant setting and unparalleled dining service- it has been praised as the best steakhouse and seafood diner in the West Coast.

Photo: Pinterest

With executive chef- Walter Mayen’s vision Mastros Restaurant Penthouse menu includes seafood, sushi, and steaks & chops. I thoroughly recommend all of the seafood selections on the menu. My favorite dish is the Twin Lobster Tails and the Jalapeno Tuna Sashimi. The lobster tails are big in size and rich in flavor, so it’s super decadent. The Jalapeno sashimi is different because the Ahi Tuna is topped with fresh squeezed key lime juice. The combination of spicy jalapeno and key lime juice makes the sashimi unique for those who are adventurous with their sushi picks.

Spinfish Poke

Photo: Zagat

Spinfish Poke is the leading pioneer when it comes to bringing hearty Hawaiian dishes to the mainland. If you’re craving the original island flavor and unique toppings on your poke bowls- Make sure to visit one of Spinfish’s five locations.

Photo: Yelp

The Spinfish Poke menu has customizable poke dishes. My favorite combination is the Ahi Tuna over brown rice with avocado, lemon zest, mango, and Sriracha Aioli sauce as a topping. You can mix and match and get your favorite combinations using FoodBoss as your delivery search engine.


No wonder seafoods are the most trendy dishes in the west coast- it’s so diverse and can be juggled into everyone’s favorite dishes (even paella and curry!). I hope you enjoyed my top 6 listings of the most unique seafood restaurants in Los Angeles.

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