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Posted on July 9, 2017


With two locations, one in Ardmore and one in University City by UPenn, it’s a great spot for college students to hit up for some of the best shawarma there is in the city. The Hummus Grill menu has a variety of meat and meal options, ranging from falafel, beef, chicken, and lamb to salads, sandwiches, and platters. Additionally, the menu even helps customers decide what kind of meal they want by labeling the sandwiches as “Quick & Satisfying,” the Salads as “Light & Fresh,” and the platters as “Complete & Filling,” and the latter happened to be exactly what I was looking for.

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If you go at peak lunch and dinner hours, there’s bound to be a huge crowd. Though I had to wait a bit for my food it was a reasonable wait time by all standards, and the food looked and smelled so delicious it was worth the wait. At first glance, the platter certainly lives up to the expectation of being “Complete”--in addition to your choice of protein, the platter comes with pita bread, your choice of french fries or rice, and an additional 3 sides (which you can choose from a selection they offer).

I went with choosing rice with sides of potato salad, hummus for my pita bread, and cabbage. You can also ask for hot sauce and pickles for no additional charge, which is a nice add-on. While all of the sides were good, what stood out the most was the hummus (with pita) by far. The hummus even by itself was delicious--the lemon and garlic hints were noticeable without being overwhelming, leaving the hummus light and flavorful. Coupled with the whole wheat pita, which was warm and fluffy, this is a must if you come to Hummus Grill. They even have “Hummus Plus,” which is the original hummus with crushed garlic, pine nuts, or chickpeas, for those who want a little something extra with their hummus.

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While I love falafel, the Hummus Grill reviews I read all raved about the chicken shawarma, swearing it to be a must-try. For those who are unfamiliar with it, shawarma is meat that’s slowly roasted on a spit and cut or “shaved” off made to order, so it comes hot off the grill (quite literally) and is very fresh. Hummus Grill’s chicken shawarma certainly lives up to the hype. The dish was possibly some of the best chicken shawarma I have ever had. They definitely do not skimp out on the chicken, which was very tender and juicy in addition to being flavorful. Often times shawarma places have delicious meat, but it’s pretty greasy and not thick and juicy, which is where Hummus Grill really separates itself from the crowd. It of course had a little bit of oil/grease, but it wasn’t nearly as greasy as other spots, and the actual juice added a lot of flavor--put this in the pita with hummus and there’s not much more you could ask for. After finishing the platter, I can definitely attest that the platter is both parts “Complete & Filling”...and delicious.

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The Hummus Grill location I went to is a popular spot with UPenn students, and it’s no surprise given its proximity and how good it was. I could easily see myself stopping by for a quick lunch or ordering Hummus Grill delivery for dinner with some friends through FoodBoss on Whether you’ve never had Mediterranean before or you are a long-time fan, Hummus Grill is unquestionably a place to try--after all, according to a lot of Philly residents, it’s the best shawarma in the city.

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