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Posted on April 17, 2019

Thai entrees are phenomenal; we all know this. However, let’s be real--the dessert is pretty dang good, too. It’s unfortunate that Thai desserts are overlooked, but let’s change that.

While we may never make Thai desserts more common and well-known than Thai entrees (nor do we necessarily want it to be), let’s start a movement here that gives Thai desserts the credit it deserves. Keep reading to check out some delicious dessert spots in the culinary capital of Chicago.

The first Thai restaurant we have for you that has some bomb dessert is Amarit Thai in Chicago. It has, like many of these places, a great selection of entrees. However, that’s not why we’re here; we’re here for the desserts. And one of these great desserts is the Mango and Sticky Rice.

Mango and Sticky Rice is a classic Thai dessert that is done with a twist at Amarit Thai. It’s pretty self-explanatory--it’s a fresh, sweet  mango with sweet, sticky rice. But words fail this dessert; it’s simplicity is it’s gift, and you just have to try it to experience all of its goodness.

Another superb item from Amarit Thai is Moh Kang. It’s a rich, creamy, scrumptious homemade custard that is so delicious and is the perfect dish for after your entree. Or it could be your entree (no judgements).

The next Thai restaurant that has some more delightful treats is Dao Thai. One of these said treats at Dao Thai is a yummy dessert called Sweet Sticky Rice with Thai Custard. Once again, it’s a pretty self-explanatory dish, but it’s impossible to fully explain its perfection with words. When you put sweet rice together with homemade custard, what could possibly go wrong?

The next location we have for you with some out-of-this-world Thai dessert options is Silver Spoon Thai, also in Chicago. Silver Spoon Thai has a bunch of great dessert options, so we’re going to go rapid fire with them. First, we have the Thai Custard, a creamy, well-known classic. Next, we have we have the Cappuccino Cheesecake, a rich, delicious dessert with the perfect amount of zip. Sticky Rice Stuffed with Mango, fantastic. And last...the fried banana, a sweet, delectable treat that’s fried to golden perfection.

You truly can’t go wrong with any of them.

The final restaurant that we have for you that whips up some fuego desserts. And for this section, we’re gonna mix it up a bit and give you some liquid choices for dessert because Khoasan and Taylor has some of the best smoothies in all of Chicago.

If you wanna indulge yourself and have a great smoothie from here, go with the coconut. It’s made with 100% real coconut, and will make your taste buds glow with pleasure. The green tea smoothie is really good, too, if you’re a fan of green tea with perfect amount of sweetness.

Don’t sleep on these desserts from gourmet Thai restaurants. You might be really full from their awesome main courses, but push through and enjoy these treats. Your perseverance will be rewarded.

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