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Posted on February 1, 2017

First and foremost, it’s been 51 years and the Monday after the Super Bowl still isn’t a national holiday…Not cool. On the bright side, Chicago restaurants have recognized that the Bears aren’t doing so hot (but hey, at least we have the Cubs), and that that it’s cold enough to make your boogers freeze when you walk outside, so they have provided plenty of take-out options for this made up national holiday.

Wing Stop

The good thing about ordering in is you get to remain in your sweatpants and they double as a napkin when you order wings from Wing Stop in Gold Coast. My personal favorite players, I mean flavors, being Original Hot, Lemon Pepper, and Hickory Smoked BBQ.

Lou Malnati’s

Next on the sweatpants express, zaa! Lou Malnati's in Lincoln Park has a Super Bowl Special, $17.95 for a large deep dish pizza. What else would make Chicagoans feel better about the Bears 3-13-0 record than what Chicago is actually good at, pizza!

Hopsmith Tavern

Our next destination for the stay-cation is one of my personal favorites, Hopsmith Tavern. This is one of Gold Coast’s hidden gems. The burgers are unique, the drinks are strong, and the staff is amazing (gloating: ya girl used to work there).

The menu displays everything from tacos, wraps, 9x13 nacho platters, and burgers. The “Big O” has onions cooked three different ways, and I always order the Truffle Tots as my side.

Noodles & Co.

Now, if you don’t want to regret the amount of grease you have ingested the next morning, the next best thing to pig-out on is, carbzzz. Noodles & Co. is willing to cater your party for 25% off of orders $40 and more. Not to forget that their rice crispy treats are bomb 💣 💣 💣.

Insomnia Cookies

Now if you’re looking for something sweet after your guest eat up your homemade curry chili, like mine will be, Insomnia Cookie in Lincoln Park is the place to order from. You can get a dozen of their cookies for $9.50, and somehow they are always gooey and warm.

So loosen up your sweatpants and get ready to root for the delivery guy! Happy end of heartache for the Bears losing season! We’ll get them next year...

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