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Posted on September 22, 2017

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Everyone has tried a burger at least once, but there is nothing like American Burgers made in the United States of America. That’s right, and in this article, I’m going to lay out the best places to eat burgers in Las Vegas, Nevada. These five restaurants are great places to satisfy your craving for a delicious grilled sandwich. So without further ado, let’s go over the tup burger places in Las Vegas

Born and Raised” - Your new favorite burger spot!

Las Vegas, NV 89113

        Photo of Born And Raised - Las Vegas, NV, United States. Bar classic sliders. So good!!!                               Photo: Yelp

From Las Vegas, we can expect many things and there is one saying that goes like this: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well, that is not always true. Even if you are not from Vegas you will hear from time to time about “Born and Raised”. For sure, this burger place is going to become one of your favorite burger spots today, and they are located on Cimarron Road, Las Vegas BLVD, and in the city of Henderson. With Appetizers like Chicken Taquitos to Bar Sliders like Dirty Bride, you just have to try them all. Salads or whole breakfasts? Not a problem! Visit Born and Raised and check one of the best Burger places in Las Vegas!

MTO CAFE” - Unique breakfast and lunch cafe! Visit in downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Photo of MTO Café - Las Vegas, NV, United States. The Hangover Burger -- $14

Photo: Yelp 

Oh yay, another cafe; is it cookie-cutter like most of them? Umm, definitely not. MTO Cafe is one of the best places to eat Burgers in Las Vegas. In this restaurant, you will find a nice everyday atmosphere where you can get your breakfast or lunch with a refreshing drink and great service. For example, on downtown MTO Cafe’s Menu you can find excellent fare, with nakes like “Body Builder”. With this particular order, you get egg whites, chicken sausage, bacon, broccoli, spinach, roasted tomatoes and caramelized onions! Great? Sure it is. IN addition to that, you can find tacos and burritos, pancakes, waffles and french toast, soups and salads, wraps, sandwiches and the most important one – Burgers. Signature Burgers like the Patty Melt, Hangover Burger, and much more.

Rock & Reilly’s” - Charming place with best American burgers in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, NV 89109                                             

Photo of Rock & Reilly's Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV, United States. The Classic Reilly Burger

Photo: Yelp

One of the funniest places in Las Vegas, I would say. On Youtube you can find a short video about this place named “Rock & Reilly’s Las Vegas”. Give it a watch; afterward you will instantly fall in love with, and want to visit this place. Besides, they are pretty awesome with their description of the place and its history; Rock & Reilly’s ‘is an Irish Pub which is recognized not only by their famous whiskey, but by their American Burgers.’ On their menu under “Signature Burgers” you can find some of the best burgers in Las Vegas, like the classic Reilly Burger or Black & Blue! Visiting this place will be one of the best choices you ever made!

Muscle Maker Grill” - “Great Food with Your Health in Mind” Best Healthy Burgers in the world!

Las Vegas, NV 89149                       

Photo of Muscle Maker Grill - Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV, United States. MMG Signature (left) and Yee-ha! Wraps

Photo: Yelp

Each one of us HAS tried Burger at least once in his or her lifetime. But many of us are trying to get in shape too, or we just want to stay in shape. Because of that, we avoid eating unhealthy food, and burgers can be put in that category. Fast food, fat, unhealthy, sure. But this is not a problem for Muscle Maker Grill (or just MMG.) MMG is making one of the best healthy burgers in the world, and if you are one of those fitness fanatics this is the best place for you. In Las Vegas you can visit the Muscle Maker Grill and eat the best healthy burgers in the world and still enjoy them like anyone else. One of those you should try is Premium Burger! Visit Muscle Maker Grill and eat, work hard and stay healthy!

Yardbird” - Classic Southern cooking, culture and hospitality!

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Photo of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar - Las Vegas, NV, United States. Swine Burger 2.0

Photo: Yelp

Yardbird is one of those fancy places you can visit to get breakfast, brunch or lunch. It is nice and clean, smooth and excellent to make your headache history, and your belly full. At Yardbird you can find many dishes, but here I will mention only one type of fare: burgers. Yardbird Burgers are on the fancy side in this little  top six burger places in Las Vegas list, and for me, it is a “must visit” place in near future. One that I will mention here is the Swine Burger; this one is a meaty, flavorful delight, and is a must-have at this place!

Americana” - America is the country of best burgers and Americana is the Queen in this country!

Las Vegas, NV 89128             

Photo of Americana - Las Vegas, NV, United States. My grilled steak sandwich was too much for one sitting.   Very delicious

Photo: Yelp

Las Vegas is full of great places and Americana is one of them for sure. Even though it is listed as the last one on this list, it isn’t any less worthy than those mentioned above. Americana is a great place, not only because of it’s location but their great burgers and sandwiches. On their menu from Brunch, Lunch to Dinner you can find many great burgers like the wonderful “American Prime Burger”. Visit this restaurant and dine with an excellent view of the neighboring lake. Enjoy nature and excellent burgers in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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