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Posted on August 1, 2018

What’s better than some good, authentic, homemade Italian food? Answer: some gourmet food from an Italian restaurant that tastes exactly like homemade Italian food.

Does reading this make you crave some? Yes? Well, then keep on reading (we promise we’re not just teasing you!)

We have the answer for your cravings for great Italian food: Tortorice’s!

Tortorice’s is a restaurant that specializes in both pizza and Italian food with amazing family recipes that will keep you coming back for more!

Check out these great items on Tortorice’s menu, and make sure to order it using cheap food delivery to ensure that you get the best deals possible.


Alright, we’ve introduced you to Tortorice’s. Now, it’s time to really show you its greatness!

The first thing we’re going to show you is the dessert (because we’re cool and don’t believe in conventional meal orders.)

When you order Tortorice’s using cheap food delivery, you’ve gotta check out the cannolis! They’re freshly baked, stuffed with ricotta cheese, golden brown, and have a variety of ingredients for your choosing!

However, regardless of the seemingly endless amount of fillings that you can have stuffed into this divine dessert, we highly recommend that you get the pistachio cannoli stuffed with bits of pistachio and topped with tasty powdered sugar! You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven, but like a heaven that’s filled with dessert!


Up next, make sure to check out the Italian beef. Now, we know that Chicago is really famous for all their Italian beef options, but Tortorice’s Italian beef is something special.

The bread is slightly more toasted than other places, which gives a little extra crunch that’s exciting and tasty. The giardineria is always fresh, yet somehow it tastes like it’s actually transported over from Italian.

And the beef... it’s tender, thick, and topped with a special blend of seasoning and spices! It’s so magnificent it almost shouldn’t exist.  Oh, and it also comes with au jus sauce that you can dip it in!


Craving some pasta dishes or running a big marathon? No worries! Tortorice’s has some great pasta dishes that are a part of some great food delivery deals as well.

We have to recommend the fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken for pasta. It’s a bunch of massive chunks of grilled, juicy, peppered chicken. These chunks are layered on top of some fresh, creamy Alfredo sauce, which is poured over some homemade pasta! Add some garlic bread to that equation and you get deliciousness!


Last (and certainly not least) we’ve got the pizza! This is what Tortorice’s is famous for, and for good reason.

Pretty much any pie or slice you get will always be delicious; however, you’ve simply gotta try the pepperoni. It’s just outta this world!


We know this is for ordering using cheap food delivery, but if you dine in, man, check out that view!

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Even if you didn’t want Italian food before, you’ll surely want some now! Order it from Tortorice’s; make your dining experience like you’re eating some of your grandma’s homemade Italian cooking.

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