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Posted on August 23, 2018

Tired of the same old food? Are you done with eating at the places everyone else eats at or ordering food from the restaurant you order from every week? If you’re dealing with any of these issues, make sure to keep on reading!

We’ve got the solution to any boring cuisine routine that you fall into! It’s a new crazy that’s popping up all over the country, and you’ll be sure to love it. It’s Ethiopian food!

Ethiopian food in Chicago has the authentic taste of its homeland, and its taste is delicious! All the dishes are 100% natural, and they’re healthy! It’s the rare combination of healthiness and satisfaction! You’ll savor every bit and save a ton of money if you order using cheap food delivery.


The first place we’ve got for you to check out Ethiopian food from using cheap food delivery is Tesfa Ethiopian Cuisine. When you order from here, it’s absolutely essential that you get Inqulal Be-Siga. It’s scrambled eggs with a very lean beef in canola oil served with choice of injera or French bread.

If you need to know, injera is a spongy sourdough bread that all great Ethiopian food is eaten with! I’m explaining it now cause you’ll be reading about a ton of other dishes that will have this awesome bread option!

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The next awesome Ethiopian restaurant you can order some exotic, cheap delivery food from is Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant. Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant is about as legit as it can get when you order Ethiopian food. The dish that we recommend the most is Doro Alicha.

Doro Alicha is chicken and a boiled egg cooked in a mild, tasty sauce of onions, garlic, ginger and green peppers. It’s seriously delicious, and it will seriously fit into the budget.


The next spot we’d like you to check out is Demera. Demera is located in a pretty groovy part of Uptown, and the food they serve parallels the surrounding area in awesomeness.

When you order from here, it’s gotta be the beef sambusas. The beef sambusas are three crispy, golden dumplings filled with ground beef, sauteed onions, and peppers. It’s a nice little handheld treat that’ll make your day!


The final place we’ve got for you to check out is the incomparable Ethiopia Diamond Restaurant. Ethiopia Diamond Restaurant has a ton of classic, satisfying food, and they also have great, healthy salad options. When you order a delicious salad from here, make sure to get the Diamond Royal Salad. It’s got marinated, sauteed cubes of chicken, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, carrots, onions, and a zesty house dressing.


Don’t miss out on these great food delivery deals on Ethiopian food! There are a ton of great options to choose from so that you can spice up your weekly food routine. Be adventurous this week, and take your taste buds on a trip out of this country!

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