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Posted on May 9, 2017

Nothing can beat In N Out. I have held this idea since the day I was born. The only place that has ever come close is Five Guys, so when my sister spoke the evil words, “It’s just as good as In N Out,” I yelled incredulously across the phone. How could that be possible? I reacted the only way a brother could and immediately book a flight to visit her in Texas to investigate her sanity. It was there that she took me to the restaurant Whataburger Austin.

Fast food can never go wrong when you are in the mood and boy, was I in the mood getting off the plane. Cheesy, meaty, carby goodness was just what I needed. I looked up Whataburger Reviews just in case (since we don’t have them in Chicago), and the reviews checked out so I agreed to go. I didn’t know what to expect because it seemed like a glorified Culver’s, but it was more than that. The aura given from the restaurant was unique and I knew I was about to receive special Southern fast food.

The Whataburger menu seemed endless. There were so many different options for burgers mostly, but for those times you try to convince yourself that you will eat healthy, they also have salads and a under 550 calorie menu. The Whataburger breakfast menu also looked delicious with everything from a pancake platter to taquitos filled with cheese, bacon, and eggs, from classic biscuits and gravy to a warm cinnamon roll.

I was not there for the breakfast, though. I was there for business: to see what Whataburger Austin really had to offer for burgers. The Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich meal was calling out to me because it encompasses my two favorite orders from a fast food restaurant. It was a burger with Texas Toast for buns that were warm and toasted. Then three chicken strips were placed and covered in Honey BBQ. The chicken strips added a crunchy element that was unexpected from a burger but so good. Lastly, two slices of Monterey Jack cheese were on it that created a nice a cheesy dynamic on the meal. Whataburger did not disappoint, but I’m confident I gained at least 10 pounds in the process.

The fries that came with the meal were more like McDonald’s fries than In N Out. They weren’t anything great and I have had better. They were still crispy, but over-salted. It is definitely a preference depending on what type of fries you like, but these weren’t mine. I asked for a side of Honey BBQ though to dip in and that did make them better. I recommend ordering some extra BBQ to slather on the burger as well.

As my drink, I went all out and ordered a vanilla shake. It was really smooth, but I regretted the sweet choice after bloating myself up with the meal.

My sister ordered a Bacon and Cheese Whataburger, but I couldn’t tell whether she like it or not. After taking one bite, she didn’t talk the rest of the meal, because she too busy chewing. When she came out of her food coma she said she loved all the options that the Whataburger menu had to offer which I had to agree.

Although just like any other restaurant the photos on the menu did not look like the product, the advertised taste was similar. The burgers were yummy. The bacon on her burger was crispy as opposed to other fast food places that sometimes have soggy slices and the meat was reminiscent of what I imagined a Krabby Patty would taste like.

Overall, I had a great experience at the Southern staple that I would repeat soon. Whataburger delivery is is a must if you’re not close to one of their many locations, and though I hate to say it, I can officially say it rivals my favorite, In N Out.

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