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Posted on August 1, 2016

Confession:I like Rosé and I don't care what you say. Judge a guy!

Yes, I am late to the party. Yes, there is probably nothing wrong with admitting this. Yes, I also enjoy drinking beer, whiskey, bourbon, gin, and more. I still had to admit it to myself and there is nothing more concrete than writing it in a blog. Well, besides in actual concrete or on a tree. I have thoroughly been enjoying Rosé this summer and I don't care if I get the Basic label.

It all started in April when my lovely fiancée got too excited for summer, too early. She bought a bottle of Rosé while we were visiting family in Phoenix and there was nothing else to drink at the pool. How can you say no to a refreshing drink at the pool? I know I cannot. Since that first sip, we have been on a "scavenger hunt" in between the numerous bottles of red wine (my-go-to), work, and Netflix to find the right stuff to get the job done this summer. To say the Rosé is affecting me is an understatement. I actually thought about attending a Soul Cycle class, I have been going out to more lunches with my "ladies" and brunches with my bae, I even went through the whole season of the Bachelorette and tried to start a hashtag (Didn't go so well #JoJoDontKnowNo)

I will say that my on/off relationship with Rieslings and Champagne makes me feel like I should not be surprised by this new evolution of my wine choices. Rosé and Orange Wine are pushing the trends this summer and it doesn't hurt when places like PQM, Eataly, and Nosh & Booze offer frozen Rosé slushies to cool you off during the sometimes humid Chicago Summer days. I mean, how can you not laugh and then try Nosh & Booze's offering called the Rosé O'Donnell! Clever Nosh, clever. In summary, I am going to keep one pinky up and enjoy the pink nectar (why did I say that) until the end of August. If you want a suggestion of a Rosé to get, why not start with the Francis Ford Coppola's Sofia Rosé, which you can order in right now through FoodBoss.

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